Saturday, October 1, 2016

Peck, the Traitor

Hey Jammers! DoomyPanda here with some interesting news that I've been holding onto for the majority of the week. This has simply been due to exhaustion from school, so don't be worried, if you are. 

But before I start, happy October 1st! There's an old superstition that if the first words you say on the first day of a month are "Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit", you'll get good luck. I don't really believe it, but there's no harm in trying. :P

As you may have already learned, AJHQ has added some new animal name options with the latest update. There are around 2.5 million new combinations, so that's a lot to get through. Some additions are cool, like "Forest" and "Ember", but some are strangely random, like "Kawaii" and "Legit". Hopefully, some original naming options weren't taken out of the mix. There are too many to count!

In other news, has Peck been scheming with the phantoms?

Of course... 

Ever since AJHQ turned Peck's design into that of a creepily happy and giddy cartoon character, something has just been... off. No one can be that happy and not have some terrible secret. Back in ye olden days when Peck was more of a punk, as the old Jamaa legends say, at least she had an outlet to express pent-up negative feelings, but now that she has to be happy ALL the time.... 


At least, that would be the more entertaining version of this story. I bet the way it'll go is this: Peck is now depicted as a jokester, right? Someone irresponsible? Maybe she decided to waltz right down into phantom territory on a dare OR to prove that she isn't irresponsible after all and fight. Then, she got caught, and the next adventure will be rescuing Peck from the phantoms and learning a lesson in the end. Doesn't that tie it together nicely? Nicely, but kinda boring.

If you're wondering, I got those screenshots from a YouTube video made by some random person named "Aparri". It's pretty recent.

Before I go, remember when I used to post nonmember clothing ideas on my blog? No? Well, I used to. Here are three, one for each month between September and November:




See you in Jamaa!

P.S. I'm planning on fixing up AJ Stream's layout for Autumn! 


  1. I knew it. No one can be that pink and not evil. XD

  2. What if Peck was framed :0

    *Intense music plays*

    I can't imagine an art loving bunny to be evil, but that makes her the perfect target for the real culprit.... Dun dun dunnnnn


    1. What if... Maybe Greely framed her. He's always so bitter, right? XD

  3. I've always held on to the belief that Greely was a traitor... he's so shady, and there are lots of secrets around Jamaa and in adventures (like in his secret hideout in Greely's Inferno, I think) that point to his questionable allegiance. I think that either later in the adventure in the post or in another one, it's said that Peck was going on her own to fight the Phantoms..?

    I haven't really played adventures much, and there's so many that their events get jumbled in my head, so... :V


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