Thursday, November 3, 2016

Feast of Thankfulness

Hey Jammers! The next installation of the mysterious bottle messages goes as follows:

No major information yet, but many people have been speculating as to what these messages would lead up to. Some people think an adventure, some people think a new land... I tend to think it could be a combination of both. Hopefully it will be a legitimate adventure like Meet Cosmo and not just a group adventure or seasonal adventure. Just a preference.

There was an update today! Seems rather fast, huh? Always hopping one update to the next, one celebration to the next? Right now they're pushing the 'Feast of Thanks', but for me Halloween is only over once I finish my candy. Happy Halloween! 

For this early update, pet turkeys have returned (did they ever exist in the first place? I forget), toucans are confirmed, Twists and Turns has re-Turned (haha, get it?), and goats have left the building. 

The spooky cloud of the Night of the Phantoms has dispersed, but still darkness lingers in Jamaa.... muahahaha

I'm tired, so have a wonderful day/night!!!! See you in Jamaa!


  1. My speculation is that it's the toucans sending letters in bottles. The paint splotch stool makes me think of the toucan video made today. ^.^

    1. P.S. I'm listening to Christmas music right now! XD *sighs dreamily at the singer singing*

    2. That's a great theory. I can really see that being true!!

      You need to calm down, though, it's barely even November!! XD Jkjk

    3. Aw, thank ya! :D


      Oh wait, my bday comes first. :P


  2. the fact that the goats have left and took a boat makes me a bit curious.... you? boat, water, new water land, sunken phantom ships...? i'm really digging this lour!


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