Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Secret Writers Revealed

Hey Jammers! As you all probably know by now, new bottled messages are washing up on the shores of Crystal Sands every other day. The writer of these secret messages has remained anonymous and under debate... until now.

Before I show you today's message, I'd like to line them all up together for you to see the whole story to today.

Today's message

What we know from these messages:

1. There are multiple prisoners
2. They are being held captive by the phantoms
3. The prison may or may not be on a ship
4. The writer of the message may possibly have the kind of eyes in the picture.

And from today's message, we now know that...

5. The prisoners are in a position where they need to keep an eye on the phantoms. They aren't just bystanders. They may be spies or leaders opposed to the phantoms, maybe like...

The Alphas?

Today's message pretty much gives it away, but it isn't as simple as that. I don't believe all the Alphas are currently imprisoned by the phantoms. Perhaps one, perhaps a few, but which ones?

A massive hint presents itself in a hidden room in one of the new 2D adventures:

This interaction with Greely ends here, his riddle is never answered, but we're left with this: Peck is somehow involved with the phantoms. Right now, that involvement points toward her being one of the captives writing the messages!

That checks out if you look at the eyes in the image. Peck nor any other Alpha's eyes look just like that, but out of all the Alphas Peck's eyes match up the most, if not in color, but in shape. They have a lot of similarities with the default bunny eyes:

Besides, it would be too much of a giveaway to make the eyes look exactly like one of the Alphas because all their eyes are unique. 

Another factor that supports Peck being a captive is in the gifts in the message bottles:

If you didn't know already, Peck is an artist. It's even been rumored for some time now that she lives in the Art Studio. Quite a lot of these items are art-related, as you can see, so that ties into the theory that Peck is a prisoner.

Today's item, however, is a little strange because it isn't art-related:

This could be a hint as well. Maybe it signifies a place where the phantoms are, or hints at what the environment of the prison is. The next series of gifts could be lava-related to signify that the writer of the messages has switched for now, perhaps to someone more associated with lava.

If it's another Alpha, it could be Greely because in Jamaa, wolves are associated with volcanos for some reason. You know how the Wolves Only Party is in a volcano and Greely's den has lava? Hmm... that would mean the Alphas were captured one after another, Peck first and THEN Greely. The reason for this is that Greely was there in the adventure to tell us about Peck's earring. He expressed curiosity, so maybe he went looking for Peck and accidentally got caught as well.

Until the next message comes around, this is all the information I've got. Do you have any speculation? Comment below if you do, and I'll do my best to respond! :D

See you all in Jamaa and have a lovely Autumn!


  1. very interesting... do you think the fact that in the new update that the animals leaving said they may take a boat? i have no idea if this is a bit of a stretch, but regardless, i thought it might be something to think about.

  2. I LOVE YOUR WHOLE SPECULATION wowie. that's some deep stuff right here

  3. DoomyPanda you are my fav aj blogger, my fav jammer, and you are AMAZING! I love love love ur blog! could I be a coauthor? that would be amazing but if no thats ok


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