Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Mysterious Alpha?

Hey Jammers! Some wacky and mysterious news today for y'all. It's a suspenseful new message that has just washed up on the beaches of Crystal Sands:

Who the heck is it???!?!?!

Well, the shadow in the portrait looks oddly humanoid, though it's unlikely that it actually will be a human character. 

Hmm... could this character be... the goat alpha? I wonder if you've noticed that every other animal has a corresponding alpha besides the goat. Perhaps this is the goat alpha's belated introduction?

The most likely writer of the messages is the band of goats that went traveling, as I've discussed before. In a previous message, they said that this new prisoner looked a little like them. That's why I'm drawing the goat alpha conclusion.

However, something about that shadow reminds me of Harper, the seal alpha:

I think both options are fairly likely.

In other news, I think the update is today! In around 10 minutes, to be exact. I wonder why AJHQ hasn't uploaded an update preview to their Instagram account yet. Hmm. 

Maybe we'll find out why...

EDIT: No update today, according to AJHQ's official Instagram. 

It makes some sense because I think they'll want to wait until January 1st to start the New Year Party.
~ DoomyPanda

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