Monday, December 19, 2016

The New Animal is NOT a Sheep?

Hey Jammers! I'm super sorry for not updating you sooner on this new informationI went to sleep on Friday really excited for the weekend... and woke up randomly sick. For the past few days I have been totally out of it. :(

Well, I'm better now. Woohoo! Time to catch up on the homework I missed!

But first, the latest and greatest news about future developments on AJ!!!

First up is something that is definitely going to come soon and has been confirmed by AJHQ themselves: a special, members-only version of the Daily Spin:

Starting on January 1st, "instead of the regular daily spin, which will remain for nonmembers, all Members will receive this special Member Spin when they log onto Animal Jam. Members will have a chance, each time you log in, to land on diamonds, double diamonds or RARE gifts!"

As you can see, no gems are pictured above as prize options, surely to no one's annoyance. Many games are giving increased gem rewards so a kind of Animal Jam inflation happens where gems are no longer seen as valuable as they used to be. 

Personally, I still prefer gems because they're rainbow colored and real-life diamonds aren't really that rare anyway. 

Still... now that everyone has too many gems to deal with, why not donate some to the conservation of big cats?

Next up is some info more on the theoretical side. Meaning, it hasn't been confirmed.

There are literally no clues as to what the next new animal will be, but some people took this randomly appearing message as a hint. "Bad" was misspelled with two a's, which is kinda the stereotypical sound a sheep says, so people jumped to the conclusion that the next animal is a sheep.

When I heard of people's theories, I thought it was kind of odd. Sheep and goats are similar in appearance, so why would AJHQ go to the trouble of making such a similar animal? Eventually, I accepted it. But then I remembered...

You know who also says "baa"?

That's right. Goats.

In this post I wrote about the bottle messages, I think I talked a little about how the goats would be the perfect candidate for the writers of the messages, if only the timing wasn't so off. The messages came a week or two in advance before the above announcement was made.

But if you disregard that... then the captives in the phantom fortress are the goats, and sheep will not be the new animal. 

But if not sheep, then whom?

I'm curious to hear your thoughts... let's solve this mystery together!

~ DoomyPanda


  1. I always thought that it would be weird if the new animal were a sheep, partly because of the similarities between goats and sheep, and also because I never saw it as a feasible new animal for them to release. I guess we'll just wait and see :3


    1. I totally agree. I actually just thought of this yesterday or something! Goats and sheep are super similar! XD Plus, it would just add to 'barnyard' jam. :P Pigs, sheep, what's next? COWS?! XD

      I really wonder what's the animal gonna be. Well, since they take 3,000 drawings just to create one animal, I'm okay with it instead of a new land. Perhaps when the animal is released, a land/ocean will come too? Oh, the mysteries. ;)

    2. I kinda wish cows would come. I love cows XD

  2. Umm actually it IS sheep... bcause sheep have already come

    1. I know, y'all. This was an early hypothesis.


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