Sunday, May 21, 2017

Herbology Expert

Hey Jammers! I just found an old picture from the days in Jamaa when the achievement "Herbology Expert!" existed.

Basically, there would be plants around Jamaa with a little green leaf icon. If you clicked all of them, you would receive a now-deleted achievement.

Up until now, I'd only ever seen the above image of the achievement, never the plants themselves. Neat.

This was a pretty short post. Before I go, I just wanted to let you know that up until I get out of class on June 22nd, I won't be posting much at all so I can keep up my school work. But maybe it won't be any different from my normal posting schedule because it's already so spotty!

I guess you can look forward to June 22nd because this summer I am going to focus on this blog more than ever. You might even see daily posts!

But until then, you'll have to put up with the spottiness...


~ DoomyPanda

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The First Item Codes in 5 Years!

S'up, Jammers. We have some new codes for you today-- and they aren't your ordinary codes. They're item codes!

But first off, I'd like to talk about a couple small things that have been going on in Jamaa. Just so we can save the best for last. :)

Over in Jam Mart Furniture are a few new items. But more eventful than that, the way the items are displayed is a little less than accurate:

If the items in front of the Large Nest aren't considered new, then I wouldn't think that the Large Nest itself is new. :0

It's not that crazy of a glitch, but I just thought I'd point it out. I remember the time before new things started coming out left and right where AJ bloggers would be attuned to any and all small changes, ads, and bugs. Ah, it was so much easier to stay informed a few years ago.

Eh, maybe I'm exaggerating. I can't go on AJ as often as I used to, so every update is just like a slap in the face because I don't know what's going on. XD

I hope I can use this blog to make things less confusing.

Next up, you're probably aware that the Summer Carnival is back in Jamaa. I checked it out this evening. It looks very summer-y and carnival-y as always. The consistency is nice. :)

There are a whole bunch of new items in the two prize stands. Many of which are recolored items of previous years. I believe the original ones now have rare tags.

Here's a new item I like a lot:

It's a monarch butterfly! A very beautiful butterfly. 

Here's a cool story: a few years ago, I was walking to a new school on the first day and I passed by a fence at the edge of a field. It was a sunny day, I think, and there were open flowers growing on the fence. I happened to look around at the other side of the fence, where the flowers were growing, and I saw... at least 7 monarch butterflies, all drinking nectar! They were beautiful in the sunshine, pink flowers, and green leaves. 

It's a rare sight to see, especially today. 90% of monarch butterflies have died only in the past ten years due to habitat loss, pesticides, and climate change altering rainfall and migratory patterns.

Just think about it... an ancient species, far more ancient than us, have weathered this Earth for millions of years, and yet just 10 years can bring about the erasure of their whole culture and history. 

It's not fair that we have that power-- and the rampant selfishness to abuse it.

But we also have the power to do good. If you'd like to help monarchs as a species (and bring some beautiful butterflies to your yard), plant milkweed where you can. It's a special flower because not only do monarch butterflies love the nectar, but they also lay their eggs there! And baby monarch caterpillars are so bright and beautiful to see:

Don't be a part of the problem, be a part of the solution! ^___^

And now, the moment you've been waiting for... the item codes.

Here are all the cool items you can get:

If you want the Reader's Sofa, use the code getready2jam!
If you want the Reader's Chair, use the code aj4ever!
And if you want the Reader's Lamp, use the code paws4friends!

As you can see, we have a book theme going on with these items. I like them a lot. Thanks, AJHQ!

It's a little interesting... Aside from the yearly AJ birthday cakes, we haven't had free item codes for more than five years! I believe the last item code was for the Gecko Plushie in 2012. Ah, I love my Gecko Plushies...

It was crazy how rare that orange one was. You could enter the gecko code on 15 separate accounts and not get a single orange gecko! I traded someone for the orange gecko a few years back because I just couldn't get one on my own. XD

Technically, it's still that rare, but because it isn't in as high demand as other items (even if they are actually commoner), the orange gecko is not considered rare. It's messed up. I partially blame The Forgotten Desert. :T

I have to go, but from this point on, I'm going to try make Animal Jam Stream as positive a blog as I can. There can be a lot of negativity in the AJ community, and in the end I guess it's best to just do your part to improve things rather than wait around for someone else to. 

That's all for now, Jammers. See you in Jamaa!

~ DoomyPanda

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Hyped Up For Nothing

EDIT: I acknowledge a whole team of people worked really hard on this so I am sorry if this is rude. It probably wasn't the right call to call it outright ugly.

Hey Jammers! 

So, the Jamaa Journal changed.

This isn't just me being the stereotypical "AJ player afraid of change." I believe I'm reasonably justified in being annoyed when such change is uncalled-for and unnecessary. 

I'm really confused as to why AJHQ would change the newspaper in the first place. What is the advantage? The previous Jamaa Journal was charming and appropriate. It made updates so exciting to wait for its joyous banner to load in the crowded Jamaa Township. The page-turn effect was a lovely touch, too.

There's no joy in this new format. It's just a recycled den inventory list.

I haven't even mentioned the content of this new "news board." If you read through it, you'll see this new format makes it easier to only include one to two pieces of actual news with seven extra filler pages of stuff we already know.

And that whole "Winter is coming" stuff that AJHQ tried to hype up on their Instagram page? It's just the snowflake wolf. Not cool, AJHQ. (Haha... "cool"... ha... sorry.)

I hope this is a test. I hope this will be like the 3D map and the halted Club Geoz renovation and go away once AJHQ realizes it's pointless.

For those who don't remember, here are both of those things:

The 3D map story: One fine update, the map changed without warning from normal (how we know it today) to chunky minimalist weirdness. People were super annoyed and it eventually changed back.

The Club Geoz renovation story: One update on the Jamaa Journal page you see above, AJHQ announced that renovations would come to Club Geoz. Caution tape was around it and the door might have been blocked off. Not many people were upset, but for an unknown reason the renovation halted the next update without a word. AJHQ might have realized that Geoz is charming the way it is, even if it isn't visited as often. When it is visited, it gets almost crowded!

I guess you never really love something until it's gone, especially when it's a little thing.

See you in Jamaa! 

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Changing Weather - Snow is Coming to Jamaa?

Hey Jammers! We got some BREAKING NEWS up in here regarding tomorrow's update. *grabs mic*

According to AJHQ's biweekly update Sneak Peak, "Winter is coming." 

...Whatever that means, because I'm pretty sure it's Spring right now. Winter is not a season I wish to relive this early! Still, I wonder what exactly AJHQ means by "Winter." 

In AJHQ's Sneak Peak, the snowy effect was emphasized, even when the land it snowed on was warm and Spring-y. Maybe Winter is not coming in full, with snowmen and Jamaalidays and all that jazz, but perhaps simply with snow.

Or maybe this is something bigger...

Maybe AJHQ is not simply introducing "Winter", but new weather patterns! Maybe some days you log into Jamaa (like tomorrow) will be snowy, others rainy or sunny. 

Maybe weather will be a setting you can toggle and control.

We can't know for sure.

All that we do know...

is that Winter is coming. 

~ DoomyPanda

Monday, May 8, 2017

AJ Items w/ Advertisements!?

Hey Jammers! It's late and I have a bit of a headache, but I'm here!!! I actually do have a couple of things to talk about today.

First of all, we have an interesting Rare Item Monday today to start the week off. 

I like these. This pair of feather earrings is not rendered in bright and headache-y colors, as R.I.M.'s tend to be, instead adopting a light sandy palette. And is it just me, or does it look a little less 3D than usual? Just slightly. Overall, I appreciate this item's existence. 

What I really have to talk about might be considered old news, but I'm only just hearing about it now and it sounds pretty fishy. 

Yes, I'm talking about Sweet Magazine. Or you might better understand what I'm getting to by the AJ promo item advertising it.

The above images are credit to Nafaria AJ's blog, The Animal Jam Whip.

When I first learned about this, I was a little taken aback because I don't really see Animal Jam fitting in with all the, err, other stuff on that cover. It's a magazine that seems a lot like a walking advertisement of whatever toys, clothes, and kids movies might be popular at any given moment. To me at least, Animal Jam seems a little more... substantial, you know?

Then I realized that it's part of Animal Jam's new advertising push. Animal Jam is a game that certainly goes a bit deeper than just dressing up and trading, but it's latching onto popular trends to get the attention of kids who might not be immediately enticed by the idea of a game based on friendship, nature, community, creativity, and adventure. 

Basically, AJ's new ad technique is luring in kids who want pink plastic-y toys and tons of items, and the game and its line extensions gives them that, of course, but so much more. That's what separates AJ from the rest of the stuff on the magazine cover: substance built to last.

In the words of Mike Watson, the CEO of DC Thomson (the publishing company of Sweet Magazine), the magazine's primary goal is to "capture everything current and popular." 

Maria Welch, the head of publishing for magazines at DC Thomson, clarifies that statement, specifying that they're looking only for the "hottest licensed brands," presumably to maximize revenue by working with massive toy giants like Barbie, Shopkins, and Sanrio. 

Brands that are "hot" usually don't stay like that for long. So even if a trend fades fast, it doesn't matter because it made money during the time it was popular. That's why the trends keep coming. 

Animal Jam worked with Sweet Magazine, as evident by both their section in the magazine as well as two promotional items from codes in that section: a Sweet Couch and a Sweet Poster.

The Sweet Couch is pretty cute, I'll admit it! It's a nice staple for a dessert-themed den. 

However, I want to talk about the Sweet Poster. Not because it's cute, but because it directly advertises Sweet Magazine when Animal Jam clearly writes in its privacy policy that it is "free from outside advertisement."

Sweet Magazine is a completely separate brand from Animal Jam. If you look at the item image farther up above, you can see that the Sweet Poster contains the literal logo of Sweet Magazine. 

And because Sweet Magazine exists primarily as a collection of advertisements, Animal Jam is technically advertising all of them by advertising Sweet Magazine

It is understandable that AJ is trying to expand its brand by making all kinds of partnerships, but it needs to be careful about what it is endorsing. The materialism expressed in Sweet Magazine puts non-recyclable plastic toys in landfills and in the oceans, suffocating the wildlife that Animal Jam tries to teach kids about protecting. 

Another thing I have a bit of a problem with is Sweet Magazine's claim that it's "girl-powered." It says it is, but provides no information on how. It just repeats that phrase over and over again without reason.

According to Sweet Magazine's website, being "girl-powered" means downloading their desktop backgrounds:

I had thought that clicking the "girl-powered" link would tell me about the importance of women in the workplace, or something to make their magazine more than just a bunch of rich people sitting around in a room figuring out "what the kids are into these days." I guess not.

In a sense, Sweet Magazine kinda hijacks the label of "girl-powered" in an attempt to make themselves relevant. 

I wish that a magazine aimed at young girls would do more than sedate them with toys and clothes.

But that's just my idea.

See you in Jamaa, guys. Remember to be yourselves no matter what is thrown at you.

~ DoomyPanda

Thursday, May 4, 2017

No post 'til Monday?

Sorry guys! I have a big essay that's due on Friday so I won't post until Saturday. After that I'll have a little more flexibility with weekday posting!

Seeya Saturday!

EDIT: Let me explain...

My essay's due date was extended to Monday. I wanted to finish it Friday night, but I was lazy. I was busy working on it almost all of Saturday with a big gap in between because I had to go to a school event. Keep in mind that my paper had to be 10 pages minimum. Then I was up until 5 AM finishing it... and I was so tired that I slept for a big part of Sunday.

So that's my justification for neglecting this blog for what– 2 weeks? It's all been schoolwork, and when it hasn't been schoolwork, it's been school stress. 

I love AJ and writing for you guys a whole lot. But as you can see, I am very easily exhausted. XD

I have another essay due this week, but it is luckily not gonna be as difficult. I'm going to try really hard to update this blog ASAP tomorrow after school. If I don't, then you'll know why: I'M SLEEPING!!!!!!

~ DoomyPanda

Thursday, April 27, 2017

And the Winner is...

Hey Jammers! As you might have noticed already, comment moderation is OFF and I have published all of your commented entries on this blog! Once again, you can now comment directly onto a post without waiting for your comment to be published. 

This poorly edited graphic is an achievement for everyone who followed me throughout the Riddle Contest and throughout the world of Jamaa. I'd like to thank all of you with a shoutout! 

Shyanne Slettebo 

Thank you! Thank you all for entering my contest! It's the first one I've had in all my five years of blogging where this many people showed up– a whopping 26! It might not sound like much to more popular bloggers or YouTube people, but it's a ton for me. 

Maybe you've looked through all the comment entries by the time you're reading this, to compare answers perhaps. You might have noticed that not everyone on this list commented on this blog.

I might not have told you this before, but I actually "advertised" this contest on the Animal Jam thread of the forum site Chicken Smoothie. 

By that, I mean I just posted a link to the contest on the forum topic so some Jammers who don't read my blog could join in on the fun. Nothing big, just thought you should know.

(Psst... If you have a Chicken Smoothie account, feel free to PM me or something. My username there is DoomyPanda, same as on AJ.)

But enough of that! I'm sure you're dying to know who really won the Journey Book Riddle Contest. In my opinion, you're all winners at heart, but of course there is only one person who will receive a custom Masterpiece. 

Before I announce the big winner, I just wanted to say that I am incredibly impressed with your knowledge and ability to connect clues and answer riddles. You all did so well that I was convinced that there would be multiple people to answer the most riddles correctly and that I'd need to just randomly pick a name out of a hat. However, this contest turned out to have one clear winner.

And, my friends, this winner is...




With a whopping 9 out of 11 answers correct, Puppy wins the contest and will receive a custom Masterpiece as their prize! 

I think Puppy forgot to tell me what they want me to draw, so I'll contact them for details. ^-^

Congrats, Puppy44285! You have an awesome ability to answer riddles! :D

If you're curious as to what the official answers of all the riddles were, here they are:

Sarepia Forest - "Who has gills but does not swim?"

Answer: Mushroom
My explanation: The ridges beneath the cap are called gills!

Mt. Shiveer - "I am blue and green. My friend is brown and white. My other friend is red. What are we?"

Answer: Partridges
My explanation: Partridges can be all those colors!

Crystal Sands - "He dies on the shore and lives in the sea. He gets a growth ring every year, but he isn't a tree. Who is he?"

Answer: Sand Dollar
My explanation: Sand dollars are commonly seen dead and hardened on beaches, but they are very active and beautiful underwater. Each year, they get a ring around their shell!

Coral Canyons - "You hear my sound and you turn around, but I'm the one who's afraid!"

Answer: Rattlesnake
My explanation: Rattlesnakes shake their dry tails like a loud rattle, which can scare a lot of humans nearby, but rattlesnakes rattle when they are very afraid themselves-- not necessarily to bite you! They are very shy.

Crystal Reef - "I'm the deer of the sea, but I won't run away-- I'll sting!"

Answer: Staghorn Coral
My explanation: "Deer of the sea" is a play on the name "Staghorn". Staghorn Coral are known to sting their prey!

Bahari Bay - "Who is the ice cream of the Bay?"

Answer: Kelp
My explanation: Kelp is commonly used as an ingredient in the mass-manufactured ice cream you see at supermarkets. Weird, right?

Deep Blue - "You think I'm the Sun. The Sun won't touch my fins. That's perfect for me."

Answer: Hatchetfish
My explanation: Hatchetfish confuse predators with their bioluminescent bodies. When a predator looks up at a hatchetfish from below, they think they are the Sun!

Kani Cove - "I can hold my breath longer than you."

Answer: Cormorant
My explanation: Cormorants are birds who live and nest on land, but dive down deep into the water to fish and collect nesting materials! So yeah, they can probably hold their breath longer than you.

Appondale - "I see far in a flat line,"

Answer: Meerkat
My explanation: Meerkats have horizontal-shaped pupils, giving them excellent vision of the savanna they call home.

Kimbara Outback - "With fine membranes of skin, I do what you cannot."

Answer: Sugar glider
My explanation: Sugar gliders are small mammals who use fine membranes of skin under their arms as "wings" to fly! Well, they glide, but I don't think you could glide with arms alone.

The Lost Temple of Zios - "I am always looking, keeping track, keeping my eyes peeled,"

Answer: Monitor lizard
My explanation: The riddle is a direct play on the name "Monitor"! To monitor something is to pay attention to it, as the riddle describes.


I can't thank you enough for participating in this super fun contest! I will definitely hold more like this in the future.

I have a bunch of schoolwork to tackle this week, as evident by this post being three days late. I'll try to update this blog as often as I can, but I don't know if I'll have an internet connection this weekend because I'll be going away.

Nevertheless, Jam on! I hope to see you in Jamaa! :D

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Riddle Contest Day 11: The Lost Temple of Zios!

Happy Earth Day! Well, today is the last day of the Riddle Contest. I'm a little sad to end it– it's just been so much fun! :')

Before we begin the last leg of our journey, here is just something to clarify that a few of you have been curious about:

If you get a message saying something like "your comment is awaiting moderation" and it doesn't show up on the feed, that is totally normal! I have seen your comment– I just won't publish it until the complete end of the contest so people don't copy each other.

Here are the rules for people who are new to this contest:

As always, here are the rules of this contest for those who are new to the party, or those who just want to refresh their memory:

Every day of the contest will focus on one land in Jamaa. There will be a riddle about one animal from that land's Journey Book, and it will be your job to guess which one it is!

Whoever answers the most riddles correctly will win a FREE CUSTOM MASTERPIECE

Answer every riddle to give you a better chance, even if you're not sure of the answer. Even if you haven't answered the previous riddles yet, you can answer them any time up until the end of the contest on April 23rd.

- Link to Riddle #9
- Link to Riddle #10

Prepare to enter the dense, mysterious jungles of The Lost Temple of Zios...

The air grows more and more humid as you enter The Lost Temple of Zios. In the middle of a tall, ancient forest, The Temple of Zios is a clearing alive and active with the rattling, singing, and rustling of animals, misting through the dark leaves.

In the middle of this clearing lies the felled statue of Zios. You stand before it, pondering its age and deep significance to Jamaa. A faint blue glimmer twirls around Zios' hollow eye. Is it a trace of his magic? You wonder just how "gone" Mira and Zios truly are...

A few insects zoom past your head, some big and some small. You've found that since the beginning of your journey through Jamaa, your irrational fear of bugs has died down considerably. Now, they just seem like little fairy-animals rather than little monsters. You laugh as a dragonfly lands on your nose. They examine you thoughtfully with glimmering eyes before continuing on their way through the Temple.

You move through the misty land over to a large river. Perching on the bank, you gently twirl a stick through the surface. It's a little hot and humid– no, it's really hot and humid. Water vapor clings and puddles on every surface. The river itself is strangely cool, even this deep into the jungle...

In a moment of unrestraint, you jump straight into the river!

The cool water is a bit of a shock at first, but as you paddle across the surface you are sure that you regret nothing. It's a lot better than being humid!

You float on your back for awhile, listening to the voices of animals near and far. You think you are dreaming at one point, because you hear a voice addressing you very clearly right into your ear.

"WAKE UP!!!!!"

 You immediately jolt upwards into a sitting position, no longer in the water. "Who's there!?" you call, looking left and right.

"I'm hidden," a voice whispers, "you can't see me."

You sigh. "Why did you pull me out of the water?"

"I thought you might drown," it said matter-of-factly.

There was an awkward pause. "Oh. Well... thanks. I think I was okay, though. That was still nice of you."

All that can be heard for a minute is the song of a distant bird.

"Are you curious about what I am?" asked the voice.

You thought for a moment. 

"Who knows..." suggested the voice, "maybe I'm Zios himself."

Alright, now you were curious. "What are you?"

"You think I'll just tell you? Ha! That would ruin the mystery."

"I guess it would. Could you spare a hint, O Mysterious Voice?" you ask with mock reverence.

The voice responded a little awkwardly. "Well, yeah, but... I have a question, first."

"Sure, ask away."

"Would you... be willing to take me with you to Jamaa Township? I've always wanted to visit, but I've been afraid of getting lost. Would you guide me around?" 

You smile, "Of course! I was going to the Township anyway. I can definitely be your guide!"

"Oh, YAY! I'm so excited! Here is the hint:

"I am always looking,
keeping track,
keeping my eyes peeled"

And so, your journey through Jamaa comes to a close as you and your new friend walk through the trees into the bright Jamaa Township, knowing very well that your adventure is far from over. :)

HINT: Look in your Journey Book!

*Comment your AJ username, your answer to the riddle, and what you would like me to draw for you as a Masterpiece if you win!*

Thank you so much for making this contest so fun! You can answer all the riddles until tomorrow night.

See you in Jamaa!


Friday, April 21, 2017

Riddle Contest Day 10: Kimbara Outback!

Hey Jammers! Once again, I hope you're well-prepared for another fun day of the Riddle Contest. I can't believe it's already the 10th day... after today, we'll only have one more land to explore! ⚆_⚆

I can promise you this, however: more contests of this sort WILL come in the future!

As always, here are the rules of this contest for those who are new to the party, or those who just want to refresh their memory:

Every day of the contest will focus on one land in Jamaa. There will be a riddle about one animal from that land's Journey Book, and it will be your job to guess which one it is!

Whoever answers the most riddles correctly will win a FREE CUSTOM MASTERPIECE

Answer every riddle to give you a better chance, even if you're not sure of the answer. Even if you haven't answered the previous riddles yet, you can answer them any time up until the end of the contest on April 23rd.

Remember to pack some water, because we are about to venture into the beautiful-yet-sweltering Kimbara Outback! 

(If you want to skip the short story and get straight to the riddle, it's at the bottom in big bold letters.)

Past the relatively small plateau on which you stand, the land seems to stretch on for eternity. Endless dark green bushes stretch on and on until they gradually fade from view. 

From the top of the boulder you have managed to climb, you see the hazy image of a mesa that resides in the middle of the flat landscape, towering with the power and mystery of a fortress. It seems to be of a much higher elevation than the plateau on which you stand. You wonder what kinds of creatures reside so far away and so up high.

In this outback, you have already met the elusive tiger snake. You were so overtaken with the beauty of Kimbara that you were a little too clumsy for your own good. You drank all your water at once, leaving none for later, you tripped and fell a few times– and you almost stepped on a tiger snake! 

Luckily, the tiger snake left the situation unharmed, and you left the situation without getting bitten, but since that moment you have been careful with every step.

You marvel at the bright colors of the earth beneath your feet. The ground has been bombarded by sunlight so much that it has begun to take on the blazing color of the Sun itself. Not many animals are outside of their shaded burrows or leaves, so the outback appears initially empty, if not for the constant stir of secret life that keeps you on your toes.

A thirst begins to build that you hope won't become dehydration. You curse your wasted water bottle and you move toward the river in the middle of the plateau. Cupping cool water in your hands, you realize that this river is the reason for such a concentration of diverse life amidst miles and miles of flat desert. It makes the refreshing water in your hands seem all the more special.

Suddenly, your drinking is interrupted by an accusing voice from across the water. 

"Who drinks from my river!?"

You look in the general direction of the voice, a little startled. Your eyes lock onto a mat of thick leaves. "Who goes there? I didn't know you owned this river, isn't it for everyone?"

"Yes, it is for everyone," the voice scoffs from behind the leaves, "but only for my loyal subjects. You are not from Kimbara Outback, as evident by your reckless consumption of precious water."

"Hey, I've learned my lesson about the water, okay?" you reply, a little embarrassed, "And did you just call yourself the king of Kimbara Outback?"

The voice replies matter-of-factly, "Yes, I am. So great am I to rule over this fine land!"

"This land is fine, indeed, but can you really call yourself the born leader," you motion to the landscape around you, "of all this?"

The voice stuttered angrily, "O-of course I can! No one has already, and my subjects all love me. Isn't that right, tiger snake?"

"The king rocks!" hissed a small voice from inside a distant burrow.

You raise an eyebrow. "Ok, so you're king. What do you even do as king?"

"I just do what everyone else does, only I am declared king of all I survey," the voice proudly answers, "I also get to wear a tiny hat."

"Eh... fair enough," you shrug, "you sound like a good leader. Oh mighty king, what trials might I face in order to become one of your loyal subjects?"

The voice responds thoughtfully from behind the thicket of leaves, "Since you are not born of Kimbara, you shall complete the daunting task of... correctly answering a riddle! Then, you shall have the honor of citizenship in my fine domain."

"Bring it on!"

The king of Kimbara tell you this:

"With fine membranes of skin,
I do what you cannot.
What am I?"

HINT: Look in your Journey Book!

*Comment your AJ username, your answer to the riddle, and what you would like me to draw for you as a Masterpiece if you win!*

Sorry for the late post. I started in the morning, but then I had to go do something and finished it at night.

Get ready for tomorrow, when we will finish our adventure in the leafy green heart of The Temple of Zios! 

See you there!!! :D


Thursday, April 20, 2017

Riddle Contest Day 9: Appondale!

Hey Jammers! Get ready for the 9th day of the Riddle Contest~ :D

As usual, here are the rules for those who are new to this contest:

Every day of the contest will focus on one land in Jamaa. There will be a riddle about one animal from that land's Journey Book, and it will be your job to guess which one it is!

Whoever answers the most riddles correctly will win a FREE CUSTOM MASTERPIECE

Answer every riddle to give you a better chance, even if you're not sure of the answer. Even if you haven't answered the previous riddles yet, you can answer them any time up until the end of the contest on April 23rd.

- Link to Riddle #6
- Link to Riddle #7
- Link to Riddle #8

Today we will continue our adventure through Jamaa, making our next stop in the grassy savannas of Appondale!

You resurface on land from the ocean and deeply breathe in the air with a gasp, feeling the jarringly bright sun on your face... and the giant mud puddle you are now completely submerged in.

"What the heck!?!?" you think to yourself, trying to shake the mud off. Remembering the world map you had glanced at prior to beginning your adventure, this shouldn't be possible. Kani Cove was all the way on one side of the map while Appondale was directly opposite! 

You churn your way through the mud and reach the dry land. The sun is so powerful that already, the mud is beginning to dry. It is itchy at first, but soon it begins to come off more easily.

You rest against the bark of a tree in the shade to catch your breath. Once you are able to relax, the sun begins to feel less violent– equally as strong as before, but no longer as jarring. You feel the grass beneath you, each blade thick with stored water. You are unsure of how often it rains in this land, but it is surely not as much as you are used to.

Birds flutter through the trees and glide through the ever-reaching sky, calling out songs that travel forever. You are overwhelmed with joy in the space around you, there is just so much to explore– but you are so in need of rest that, despite your excitement trying to wake you, you drift off to sleep, relaxing against the tree's cool bark...


A dream unfurls around you of a land of cool, purple sand. Trees that reach into the sky for miles are peppered across the earth. Standing before a bright yet comfortable sun, you notice a sleeping animal at the base of each tree, some small as a cockroach and some large as a wildebeest. Some animals were so small they were invisible to your eye, even as you approached across the sands to get a closer look. Each a creature all the same, native to Appondale. 

You hear a voice that wraps around each leaf in each tree, originating from deep in the ground. 

"Guess what I am, from one riddle alone," it says to you. 

You reply, "Sure I will! Tell me the riddle," 

The voice says to you,

"I see far in a flat line,"

HINT: Look in your Journey Book!

*Comment your AJ username, your answer to the riddle, and what you would like me to draw for you as a Masterpiece if you win!*

Tomorrow, we will explore the vibrant Kimbara Outback! See you there! :D


P.S. If you are new, just know that the reason why there aren't any comments on these posts is because I have comment moderation on until the end of the contest. All comments are seen by me and taken into account, and will be published after this contest is over. It's just so people don't copy each other and make the game less fun. :)

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Riddle Contest Day 8: Kani Cove!

Hey Jammers! I hope you're ready for another exciting day of stories and riddles. Particularly for today, just one story and one riddle, of course! =^_^=

I'm looking at the comments you're sending in– I'm really happy to see that many of you are having as much fun with this contest as I am! I don't think I've ever had a contest on this blog that has been this fun and this successful. 

We're on Day 8 right now, so with the exception of today, we only have three lands left to cover! It's crazy, right? :')

I had said that this contest would end on April 22nd, but that was a pretty haphazard estimate. Even though the last riddle would be published on that date, it now seems more realistic for the official end of the contest to be April 23rd, just to give people extra time to answer any riddles they might have missed. What do you think?

As usual, here are the rules for those who are new to this contest:

Every day of the contest will focus on one land in Jamaa. There will be a riddle about one animal from that land's Journey Book, and it will be your job to guess which one it is!

Whoever answers the most riddles correctly will win a FREE CUSTOM MASTERPIECE

Answer every riddle to give you a better chance, even if you're not sure of the answer. Even if you haven't answered the previous riddles yet, you can answer them any time up until the end of the contest on April 23rd.

- Link to Riddle #6
- Link to Riddle #7

We will continue our adventure through the land beneath the waves. Get ready to look for treasure in Kani Cove! Or Crab Cove, if you speak Japanese...

(If you'd like to skip the short story and get straight to the riddle, it's at the bottom in big bold letters.)

You enter Kani Cove through the small dark cavern at the highest point of the Deep Blue. After exiting the deep water, the Sun– the real Sun –greets you with full force! It's a change so dramatic that even underwater, shaded by countless thick reeds, you need to shield your eyes for a minute.

After your eyes adjust to the well-lit water, you almost gasp at what you see: a sunken pirate ship!

You immediately swim over to explore. Swirling in a curious circle around the corroded mast, your suspicions are confirmed. The skull and crossbones symbol is incredibly faded, but closer inspection reveals that yes, this is indeed a pirate ship.

...And boy, do you get incredibly excited when you see the old treasure chest half-buried in the sand!

Instantly, you dart over to the chest and try to wedge it open, but your joy turns to disappointment as you realize that sadly, it's locked.

You begin to wonder if there might be a key hidden somewhere...

Searching around the perimeter of the ship's body proves to be tedious. The more you swim through the thick hanging reeds, the more small hidden places of the ship present themselves as possibilities. It's just overwhelming how much there is to search!

Your eye is drawn to the small phantom insignia on the back of the ship. Swimming over to examine it further, your mind begins to desperately wonder if the image marks a hidden compartment where the key might be hidden. You imagine four hidden bolts holding a small plank of wood. They only need to be unscrewed or broken in order to reach the hidden compartment. Maybe the compartment not only contains the key, but also a captain's log complete with a treasure map to ANOTHER treasure sealed in a bottle! You get more and more excited with each possibility...

...until you realize that the back of the boat is completely flat, with no protruding bolts or planks or anything at all to signify a compartment. There's just no chance of it. 

"Darn..." you think to yourself in defeat. You sadly drift down to touch the sandy ground of the cove. A few shrimp walk by with their many legs, ecstatically searching through the sand for treasures that might be hidden. 

You stare at the old wooden chest as it catches the watery light of day. "I wonder what kind of treasure is in there," you think to yourself, "Anyway, I bet it's just full of Gems or Diamonds... either way, they wouldn't be much of a treasure. I don't have much use for them..." You try to console yourself with this assumption. Maybe you were better off not spending hours upon hours searching for a key because the treasure might not be as grand as you'd hoped.

What would be a cool treasure?

You ponder that question. Truthfully, you don't know for sure.

You lean back against the worn wooden hull of the ship, wondering how much time you've spent here. The sun has since moved away from its resting place on the old chest, now preferring to scatter itself across the thick blanket of reeds that cloak much of the sandy floor. The layer of gold-lit green stretches from the skull-and-crossbones flag all the way into distant invisibility, like underwater moors. 

"Maybe Kani Cove is the treasure..." you think to yourself with a smile. A few snails slowly make their way across the shadowed treasure chest, leaving light trails behind them.

Suddenly, you catch a flash of movement from within the nearest reeds. A thought occurs to you that you had not yet asked any local creatures where the key might be hidden. You begin to swim over toward the edge of the thick carpet of reeds. "One more try, no more..."

The reeds seem to wriggle as you get closer– and then abruptly still themselves. 

"Uh... hi," you begin awkwardly, clearing your throat.

The reeds waved slightly as the creature answers. "Hi,"

"Do you know where the key to that treasure chest might be?"

The creature sighs. "Newcomers are always asking me and my friends where that key might be, and I always have to be honest and say that I truly have no clue. Sorry to disappoint you."

"Oh no, it's totally fine. I was just a little curious if you knew, is all. I'm just happy to be here!" you reply with a smile.

The reeds shake with happy laughter. "I like your attitude. Typically, newcomers leave right after they hear the truth and don't come back! It's nice that you're one of the few who can appreciate the beauty of this place," 

"Thank you!" you say, "might I ask what kind of creature you are?" 

The creature hesitates before answering. "Hmm... you know, I could just leave these reeds and show you, but I think it would be more fun to see you guess!"

You stare at the reeds and try to guess, but nothing comes up. There are just so many creatures that could be hiding behind those reeds! 

"Might I have a hint?" you ask.

The reeds ripple with a comical sigh, "Alright, fine, but one hint is all you get...:

"I can hold my breath longer than you!"

HINT: Look in your Journey Book!

*Comment your AJ username, your answer to the riddle, and what you would like me to draw for you as a Masterpiece if you win!*

Our exploration of Jamaa's oceans has concluded, so tomorrow we will be back on land in a very different place: the diverse savannas of APPONDALE! I just can't wait! :D

Good luck with this riddle!