Monday, January 23, 2017

Jamaa's Secret Languages Decoded!

Hey Jammers! 

Here are some relatively new discoveries that I think will interest you very much. Maybe they'll answer some questions you might have been hanging onto.

...For instance, have you ever wondered what kinda language is on the Chalkboard item? 

It doesn't look like English or any other real writing system. Is it just random scribbles? After staring at it hopelessly for an hour, that's the conclusion I had come to.

But now I know what language it is: English. Only it's coded into something called "Tiger Script"

Click the image to see the whole tiger script alphabet clearer. 

According to the handy key, the message on the chalkboard can finally be deciphered:


Finally we can stop wondering about that dang chalkboard! But this discovery only brings up new questions...

The image looks like one piece of a larger article. It is labeled "Tiger" rather than "Tiger Script" which seems to imply that the full page contains more forms of script than just tiger script. In fact... It looks like just a small section in a list of many different animal scripts! It looks like someone over at AJHQ thought it would be fun to create code languages for each animal!

I wonder what other clues around Jamaa contain bits and pieces of secret code. I also wonder what Panda Script looks like. 

See you in Jamaa


  1. Very interesting!! I also thought that writing as random markings that AJHQ thought it'd be funny to see people struggle to find out the meanings even if they are fake or something.

    I think AJHQ actually announced on DE in a Parade of Dens video what kind writing it was. But I don't think everyone watches those so thanks for posting about it!! ^.^

    Hehe, I like your little 'Doomy Panda' siggy with the tiger. ^.^ (Yes, I figured it out just to make sure. XD)

  2. That's actually pretty neat, I've always wondered what that was translated too. I think I'd be cool if in the future you found more of tiger script language in jamaa and translate it!


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