Friday, January 6, 2017

Secret Room in the Phantom Fortress

Hey Jammers! Yesterday was the update, as you probably remember, and a lot of exciting things came our way. The return of the Arctic Fox, the return of the Heatwave Party (my all-time favorite party that I have missed so dearly), a new pet, and a new adventure that ties up the bottle message saga! 

From the adventure, you learn that the new animal is, as everybody (but me) guessed, a sheep. They look just like this:

Yep, it's normal for sheep to have a long tail, claws, and a perpetual death-glare. Totally normal.

Ha... I just got the joke. "Wolf in sheep's clothing." Ha... Ha... 

Poor Greely.

I will talk in more depth about the whole adventure later, but right now I'd like to zoom into something not many people noticed, but will surely be glad to know about soon.

Yep. I'm talking about that one weird door.

Thanks to my little brother for letting me use his account for this adventure. He rocks!

Clearly something's amiss. That lever is covered in blue paint, showing some kind of significance, but when you connect the circuit all you get is 50 gems and a door you can't walk through. What gives?

What I love about this secret is that there are no direct hints. The Jamaa Journal doesn't tell you, the Alphas don't tell you, the villagers don't tell you... you just have to connect the dots on your own.

What's the biggest clue? The blue paint. If isn't phantom slime, then it probably has some connection with Peck. Or not. But for right now, that isn't an immediate part of the puzzle.

Instead, think back to another time when you saw blue paint in the Phantom Fortress...

Right here, on the 1st or 2nd leg of the fortress! It's the exact same shade of blue paint, so this inscription and the seemingly useless lever are connected.

This inscription is not indecipherable, however. It's a drawing of the circuit needed to open the secret door! It might help to open this screenshot up and keep it to the side while you're playing so you can remember.

*If you can't immediately tell by the picture, the lined box at the top is the power source, that rectangle with the stick is the lever (facing up), and the little lines correspond to the ones in the real circuit.*

Despite not connecting the power source to the lever, completing the inscribed pattern will unlock the door to... the secret room.

The treasure box within contains a special item:

But most important of all, you will find messages that went unsent to the shores of Crystal Sands. Perhaps they were withheld because they contain too much information...

Now we know for sure that A., Peck is either trapped in the Phantom Fortress or is infiltrating it, and B., the phantoms are planning to land in Jamaa Township!!!

The phantoms are coming to the Township!!!

Not now, but soon!!!


Take these secrets how you will, Jammers... and happy adventuring!
~ DoomyPanda


  1. But if the phantoms withheld them because of too much information, why did they allow the other ones to be sent? Surely that would alert the animals to save them, and that wouldn't be what the phantoms wanted. Also, how did they get them to the ocean? I didn't see an ocean in the adventure, and surely they aren't let out of their cell, unless Peck messaged them for them, but then there is the issue of why were some withheld...

    1. The Phantom Fortress moves between lands, so it could be assumed that for a long period of time it stopped on a small island, allowing the messages to go into the water. Plus, if I'm correct, one of the later messages contained an Escape Plan item that illustrated the Phantom Fortress as being surrounded by sand with water all around.

      As for the phantoms withholding messages, I could be incorrect. It just seemed to me that because the secret room was some distance away from the prison that the phantoms had kept them there. That area could just be the prisoner's secret storage area.

      Thanks for your interesting comment!


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