Thursday, February 2, 2017

Friendship + Weekly Featured Masterpiece?

Hey Jammers! What's up? The biweekly update, that's what.

The Friendship Festival is officially here! Since 2011, every February in Jamaa has been dedicated to celebrating the glue that holds Animal Jam together: buddies. 

For this lovely festival, you can go to the Friendship Party, play the Special Delivery game, and celebrate all things pink and frilly. 

You could also take it a step further and make cards, too. Send a Jam-a-Gram to a buddy you haven't seen in a while. If you can, maybe make a masterpiece for a friend. I always love drawing stuff. :)

This just in: members can now have up to 1,000 items in their den inventory!!! I don't understand the appeal of having so much virtual stuff, but it's a nice addition. 

The Diamond Shop is now selling a seasonal favorite: the Friendship Cottage! Go to AJHQ's Friendship Cottage Showcase Den on the Epic Dens list for a secret:


What's not to love?

It's another year of Special Deliveries, and another year of poor Lori not being able to reach her dreams. Keep going, Lori... You can do it...

I've gone through a full game tonight and I can confidently say that there are no new prizes for nonmembers. As for members, I think it's fair to say that a lot of the showcase items you don't recognize now are actually prizes. I might post a full prize list later.

What a nice feature! Here it is in action:

If I was not myself, that orange "link" would lead to my player card. So, bad example.

Next Tuesday is Safer Internet Day, but really, you should be safe online every day. Remember that the internet is like a sandbox: no matter how strong your sandcastle walls are build, they can always be kicked over by someone who sets their mind to it. Point being, your online stuff is never completely safe when the internet connects you to people who can mess it up from miles away.

Here are some tips from me, DoomyPanda, about how to be safe online:

– DON'T GIVE SOMEONE YOUR SKYPE NAME OVER THE INTERNET. Just don't do it, whether on AJ or somewhere else. It opens your computer up to really nasty viruses.

– Don't store your passwords, say, on a Google Doc. They have no security. If you need to remember a lengthy password, it's wisest to write it on a well-hidden piece of paper. If you do that, it's way less likely that someone will see it and try to get on your account. Unless they're a nosy sibling.

– If you value your AJ account, do not ever visit or input your information into any of those so-called "rare generators". They will take your items and your account, no questions asked, and anyone who says otherwise is someone who runs one of those websites.

Stay safe, guys!

What a wonderful contest! It looks like that image is of a mama and child groundhog. :')

Pandas are leaving while llamas are returning. Everything is in balance.

Before I wrap up, I just thought of a fun idea for a contest: Weekly Featured Masterpiece. People would comment on any post their username. Then, they would display their masterpiece either on a Jammer Wall or in an unlocked den. Each week I'll pick one of the entries and display it on the blog for a week!

What do you guys think? Tomorrow (which is Friday, yippee!) I'll dedicate a post to it and if you like the idea, I'll start it!

See you in Jamaa, and appreciate your buddies every day!

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