Saturday, February 18, 2017

New Animal Detective

Hey Jammers! I know, I know, the update was yesterday... that's why I'm only going to talk about the most important part: the upcoming new animal. (No, I do not think the Spiked Collars are important enough to merit being on the front page.)

I really like how AJHQ put an extra layer of difficulty into figuring out the new animal. Instead of puzzles that completely reveal the animal upon completion, or a hidden image of the new animal somewhere in Jamaa, you have to look for discreet clues. There is no hidden image, but there are definitely signs...

I really love how you have to do some detective work rather than just be presented with the answer. Unlike many Jammers, I actually like the educational aspect of AJ. 

There are wide, four-toed paw prints along with a deep claw scratch hidden between three lands: Sarepia Forest, Mt. Shiveer, and Coral Canyons. 

So, what do these few clues tell us?

– This animal can be found in forests, tundra/taiga/mountains, and in deserts.
– Given the size of the tracks, this is a large quadrupedal creature, meaning that they have four legs.
– This creature probably sharpens their (already very sharp) claws on trees and rock.
– They have four toes on each paw.

Upon first seeing the claw marks in Sarepia Forest, I originally had the impression that this animal was smaller, like a skunk or wolverine. However, the paw shapes and sizes didn't match up, so I gave up on that hypothesis.

Maybe... the animal is a big cat?

I first thought it was a panther, because panthers scratch trees (as pictured above), but they only live in 2/3 of the biomes hinted at in Jamaa.

Perhaps the new creature is a mountain lion? 

Let's see...

Do they live in forests, mountains, and deserts? Yep!

Do they have four toes on each of their four paws? Yep!

Do they sharpen their claws on trees?


So in conclusion, the new animal is most likely a mountain lion! 

Before I go, I just wanted to let you all know that I will be announcing the Masterpiece Winner on Sunday this time. That means you have an extra day to enter! Not a lot of people this time, so you have an especially high chance of winning.

If you want to enter, display a masterpiece you made in an unlocked den or on a Jammer Wall. Then, comment your username on any post here! You have a good chance that your masterpiece will be featured on this blog for many people to see. :)

That's all for now, see you in Jamaa!


  1. Oooh, interesting! I was thinking it would be a big cat of some sort! Good detective work! ;P I never would've been able to guess a mountain lion. ^.^'

    I'd love to enter in a masterpiece, although I'm not sure which one I should enter, they're all pretty bad. I've displayed some in my unlocked den. My username is Purplestarclub. You can enter any one of my masterpieces in the contest since I can't decide, but if you can't, I'll just enter the art I made of my AJ wolf behind a snowy background. Sorry for being late. Thanks, Doomypanda! <3

    1. Thank you so much!!! And don't put yourself down, I saw your masterpieces and they all looked really cool! Don't discount your own hard work. :)

      Thanks for entering week #2, btw!!! I really appreciate it.

  2. This is really cool! I was originally thinking it was going to be a grizzly bear since I didn't see the scratches and pawprints in coral canyons, but I had though that having that many different kinds of bears was a bit overkill, so this is really cool!

    1. At the same time, we have more types of feline than bear, so you actually have a chance of being correct. Thanks for commenting!

  3. I think it could be a Grizzly bear, but a big cat is possible.


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