Monday, February 27, 2017

Pale Green Worn Blanket


Well, February break is over. I have to go back to school. Back to an irregular posting schedule. Back to stress.

If you're curious, here are today's new Spring items that are part of that Diamond Shop event thingy:

Oh boy, a green worn blanket.

Here's AJHQ announcing this item by being Hip and Cool on The Social Media:

I wonder who was in charge of writing that caption.

In other news... there isn't really much news. I'm sorry this post was so short. I feel tired, a little sad, and I have a lot of homework.

If you're interested, you can enter in this blog's masterpiece contest by displaying a masterpiece you made in an unlocked den or on an unlocked Jammer Wall, and then commenting your username on any post here. The winner will be announced Friday.

Jam on, guys!

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