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Strange Achievements + Beta Discoveries

Wanna show off your artwork? Enter in AJ Stream's ongoing Masterpiece contest by Friday! There's only a couple entries so far, so you have a great chance of winning! Just display a Masterpiece you made in an unlocked den or a Jammer Wall, and then comment your username anywhere on this blog. :D

Hey Jammers! A week or so ago I updated every single page on this blog, including the codes page. If you're looking for some extra gems, click the button right below the header that says CODES.

Speaking of codes, a new one was discovered recently. It's called TROPICAL and it grants you a gift of 500 Gems. I wonder who at AJHQ decides the names of codes. Is it completely random? Do the names refer to things? I wonder if AJHQ is sick of winter, which would explain the return of the Heatwave Party and the Summer Carnival. Hmmm...

And now, onto the main focus of this post: unreleased achievements. This is going to be a long, hopefully interesting post full of theories and fun facts, so go get some water.

Out of curiosity or boredom, have you ever just scrolled through some Jammer's achievements? Have you ever found an achievement or two that you didn't recognize?

There's one Jammer that has quite a bit more strange achievements than just one or two, and their name is beemabel. I learned about them a while ago on the now-inactive blog Animal Jam Flash.

From the looks of their achievements, this Jammer was certainly around in beta testing. But they might have been a little more than just a beta tester of Animal Jam. They seem to have been a beta tester of AJ achievements.

Here are some of their achievements:

Fun-fact Achievements:

During beta testing, a ton of green fun-fact buttons were around Jamaa, like this:

Here's a beta achievement involving them:

You'd get it if you clicked on all the plant facts in Jamaa. It is completely removed now.

During the time I started playing Animal Jam in early 2012, there were yellow fun facts around Jamaa like this:

I was so sad when AJHQ removed them for no reason.

Here are more of beemabel's interesting achievements:


There never were quests on AJ, which seems to point to this Jammer being a tester. 

Early on, however, AJHQ did start planning out things called "quests", which later turned into what we know as adventures.

This is from an old list of member benefits that everyone went crazy over XD

Base Visits:

"Base" refers to den. If ten of one animal visited your den, you'd get one of these achievements. All of those animals up there are the original animals from beta testing. The Perfect Host achievement might have been given out when a certain number of Jammers were in your den at one time for a party.

Jamaa Secrets & Fun:

Thin Ice was awarded after you and enough Jammers hopped on the ice in Mt. Shiveer. Falling Rocks was awarded after enough Jammers hopped on the Coral Canyons bridge. These two unreleased achievements seem to have been given to beemabel after beta testing, as neither lands were around in 2010.

Phantom Dream was intended to be given to Jammers who made phantoms come out of the Zios ruins, Fire Starter was intended to be given to Jammers who danced around the Sarepia fire, and Dance Commander was supposed to have been awarded to Jammers who made the disco ball come out in Club Geoz. Pretty self explanatory.

But the "Can You Keep A Secret?" achievement is interesting... it definitely refers to the sealed trap door in the Chamber of Knowledge. The trap door doesn't open, but a clicking a secret spot on the map leads you to the Basement of Secrets, which is definitely where the trap door would have led. 

You can exit the basement by going up through the trap door, but you can't enter through the trap door. If this whole Basement of Secrets thing is news to you, click here for a post I made all about it

The Basement of Secrets was discovered fairly recently. However, this unreleased achievement seems to imply that it's been years in the making! 

Upon first glance at the hidden room, it looks to be made of background stuff recycled from the Chamber of Knowledge... but could it have been designed in Jamaa's early days? That also would imply that the "Beta Wolf Banner" sold at the Beta Party and displayed in the basement might, in some way, be a beta item. So many theories and discoveries!

I keep going way too deep, but bear with me. Here are some more of beemabel's achievements:


Mapper might have been given out to Jammers once they've visited every location from the map, and World Traveler might have been awarded to those who traveled Jamaa without the map. I love all these non-minigame-related achievements! AJHQ, bring these back! They would be so fun to collect.

You know, that achievement list that AJHQ implemented is a little annoying. It doesn't even include all of the achievements to gain, and it takes away a bit of the mystery of all these unreleased achievements. Because of that list, now you know for certain that you will never get the World Traveler achievement.

Animal Videos:

It can be assumed that these achievements would have been earned by watching interesting videos in Sarepia Theater. Speaking of which, I'm surprised why no one is ever in the theater!!! It's so fun.

When I first saw these achievements, they reminded me of those people who make AJ YouTube videos. What if you could get achievements for that? Expanding on that idea, what if you could get an achievement for blogging about AJ, too? Oh! And what if along with a plaque and a nametag icon for winning News Crew, what if you got an achievement, too? Wow.

Misc. Achievements:

This one is called "One of a Kind"
Chatterbox was most likely for enabling free chat, and One Of A Kind was probably supposed to be earned after dressing up an animal for the first time.

Beemabel has a lot of unreleased achievements. I don't think I can go over all of them right now, but the ones I missed include stuff like "100 Hour Jammer" because there used to be a play timer, and "1 Year Member".

I spent all morning writing up this post, about four hours in total. I hope you were entertained!!! 

See you in Jamaa... remember to enter in the Masterpiece contest...



  1. Even by late 2010, the green symbols were still accessible, but I don't thin I bothered clicking on even 5.
    They are very funny achievements, videos didn't exist back then, but I believe that when you answer polls in 2010, you get an achievement? Not sure if it has been removed- I don't like the new achievement function.

    1. I think beemabel is still used to beta test new achievements. AJHQ probably was thinking of giving achievements to Jammers who watched animal videos when they were just coming out.


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