Thursday, February 23, 2017

Unreleased Emoticons

Hey Jammers!!! Today's your last day to enter in this blog's Masterpiece Contest because the winner will be announced Friday tomorrow. I keep saying this, but it's true each time: there are only a  small handful of entries, so you have an excellent chance of winning. 

If you're interested in having a Masterpiece you made displayed and admired at the top of this blog by many Jammers, here's how to enter: display your Masterpiece in an unlocked den or an unlocked Jammer Wall. Next, comment your username on any post on this blog. I will see your Masterpiece and it will be entered in the contest! 

It would really make my day wonderful if you'd enter in the contest. :D

For today's post, I'm back on the topic of weird and unreleased things. Only today I'm not talking about items or achievements, no no, those are way more predictable.

I'm talking about... unreleased emoticons. 

*dun dun dunnn*

These are the emoticons you see every day. Maybe you're a nonmember (like me) and the top section is unusable. Either way, we're all pretty familiar with the emoticons above, right?

But are you familiar with...


The first image is from a Jammer named Alistairz, who claims the emoticon used was a gift from AJHQ. 

The second image is from the now-inactive blog Animal Jam Flash. For around a day five years ago, you could add regular emoticons to your chat bubbles. It was thought that it would turn into a new feature, but it never did.

The second image is definitely legitimate. I'm not sure about the first one. It could have been fabricated for attention. Still, I think it has some truth to it because AJ's signature style would be very difficult to replicate. 

My personal theory about the thermometer emoticon is that it was an early version of the :sick: emoticon, maybe even from before beta testing. I think AJHQ decided to replace it because they suspected not a lot of people would use it.

If what Alistairz claims is true, that AJHQ gave it to him as a gift, I wonder why. Just because he's a well-known Jammer? In all honesty, I hope not. One thing that bothers me about AJHQ is that they break protocol a lot for "famous" Jammers. They don't always ban serious hackers, say, if they make popular YouTube videos inadvertently advertising their game. They even replace scammed or hacked items for well-known Jammers while other Jammers just have to trade them back themselves. 

AJ is a super cool game, but AJHQ giving special treatment to "famous" Jammers is just not cool.

That's all for now, Jammers. See you in Jamaa!


  1. I'll enter the contest!! ^.^ User is Lostfairy and my den is full of my masterpieces so feel free to check any of those. :)

    Hmm, I kinda doubt AJHQ would give only ONE person an emote. If anything, they'd let the YouTubers test it for a day or so and then release it for everyone. (kinda like how they told the YouTubers about the spikes and 1000 item space)

    1. Yeah, the story seems fabricated. Maybe the image is legitimate, maybe some kind of glitch, but the person wanted to get attention by making up a story.

      Or, maybe the whole image is fake. That's always a possibility.

      But anyway, thanks for entering!!! I always love seeing your artwork, Lost. :D


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