Friday, February 24, 2017

Weekly Featured Masterpiece – Winner #3!

Happy Friday!!! And do you know what that means? It's time for this week's winning Masterpiece to be announced!!! Woohoo!!!

I wanna give a big shoutout to the awesome lpslover98989, 113457, iluvsnowdrop, Purplestarclub, and lostfairy for entering round 3!
If you've only just arrived, let me explain. This is an ongoing art contest on Animal Jam Stream with a winner every Friday. The winning Masterpiece gets a spot of honor at the top of the blog for many Jammers to admire, as well as a whole post dedicated to them and their artwork! If you're interested in entering, the super easy steps are at the end of this post.

But most importantly, who is this week's wonderful winner?

This week was particularly tough to decide because each piece was so wonderful in its own way. From lpslover98989's vibrant works of art, to 113457's sunlight-flooded desert, to iluvsnowdrop and Purplestarclub's respective snowy Jamaa scenes, all the way to lostfairy's den of charming drawings, there are amazing artists all over Jamaa.

It was an incredibly difficult tie between two Jammers, but in the end, this week's winner had to be...



The artistic Purplestarclub!!!

This adorable drawing of a purple AJ wolf smiling amid huge piles of snow reminds me of last weekend when there were literal mountains of snow where I was, just like in Purplestarclub's Masterpiece. It's sadly all melted now after some freakishly warm days this week, but this drawing helped me go back there. 

Purplestarclub has an eye for detail. The distinct way that AJ wolves' noses are swirled was included here and adds something slight yet it completes the drawing! Additionally, Purplestarclub expertly incorporated use of the airbrush tool into a predominantly pixel-brush-drawn landscape. That is something difficult to pull off in the AJ Art Studio, but it even adds an extra layer of depth to the image without taking anything away! And that's all just from that small pink stroke along the wolf's cheek. Super simple, yet effective.

Another interesting thing about this piece is the contrast between the wolf's bright purple hue and the pale snow. It helps establish a clear distinction between the background and the main focus: the wolf. This lets the viewer know what's important while also providing a pretty setting.

You've done an excellent job with this Masterpiece, Purplestarclub!!! Keep on drawing. :D

All warm feedback for this artist will be deeply appreciated and rewarded with a digital cookie.

If you've been in the contest for the past couple weeks and have not yet won, don't be disheartened! I can promise that all of you will win at some point soon. Only a handful of Jammers seem to enter at a time, and I'm going to keep doing this contest for a long while. If you keep entering, you're bound to win.

Anyone who was either in this round and didn't win or has not entered yet can now enter for week #4!

Here's how to enter:

Step 1: Display a Masterpiece you made in an unlocked den OR an unlocked Jammer Wall

Step 2: Comment your username on any post on this blog. I'll go check out your artwork and you'll be entered in the contest!

I can't wait to see your artwork!!!

Here are the past winners:

Week #1

Week #2

 See you in Jamaa!


  1. Wow! I can't believe I won! Thanks sooo much! I shall treasure this moment forever. XD
    Thanks for all your kind words about my masterpiece. I really appreciate it! Oh man, this is such an honour! :D

    1. No, thank YOU for sharing your art!!! YOU have honored AJ Stream by gracing it with your drawing. :D

  2. Congrats Purple!! ^.^ I really do love that wolf drawing and man, the blush looks amazing!

    I'd like to enter again. ^-^ You know who I am and my den is the art gallery still so feel free to look at those. :D

    1. Thanks for entering, Lost! You have a pretty impressive art gallery.

  3. Ok, that is so cute! The mixture of cool colors is very calming, and that blush is so ANIME! She looks exactly like she is taking a stroll thorugh Jamaa Township while talking to a friend! *Downloads cookie XD*

    And yes, I am entering again. You know the drill, Jammer wall, read it if you want, blah blah blah :) Now imma have me some FUUD. ~D| >>388 ~oOw> ||>>>

    ( Order of food: Coffee, Pineapple, Icecream, Pizza)

    May my spirit be with you, ALWAYS! Jam on!

    ~.*FrozenWarrior*.~ (Known as lpslover98989 on AJ)

    1. Cool colors have always been my favorite. My favorites are all of them: green, purple and blue in that order. XD

      Thanks for entering, Frozen! I hope you enjoy your coffee/pineapple/icecream/pizza!!!


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