Sunday, February 26, 2017

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Hey Jammers! I hope you can find the time to enter in AJ Stream's Weekly Featured Masterpiece contest to get your artwork displayed on this blog for hundreds of Jammers to admire. Here's how: Display a Masterpiece you made in an unlocked den or an unlocked Jammer Wall. Next, comment your username on any post on this blog! Only a couple of people have entered so far, so you have a great chance of winning.

It's really nice to do a contest that doesn't involve items. Items are only a small part of Jamaa, really. I personally think it's more fun to share artwork. That being said, there will be some item contests on Animal Jam Stream at some point! Keep your eyes peeled.

Before we get right into this post, I wonder if you've been noticing the poll to the righthand side of the blog. 

Here are the results of the last poll question, "Do you participate in clans/roleplays on AJ?". 

I used to do a lot more polls back in the day, but for the longest time I just didn't know what questions to ask, until early this month. I was on an Animal Jam thread on a forum site and noticed a lot of people lamenting about how people don't RP anymore, instead spending all their time trading. 

I was curious about that statement, so I made the poll. Lo and behold, it seems to have been proven somewhat false!

I think the truth of the statement is this: clans are no longer everywhere you look, but they're still there. Big clans are usually held in dens rather than Sarepia Forest, which is now usually home to a lot of miscellaneous roleplaying. 

This first poll was an interesting experiment, so I thought about another one:

This is the poll that's currently up, so go and vote! I'm curious about Jammers' varying opinions.

Seeing how these polls look, they're admittedly a little hard to read. Luckily, I just remembered how to put a background behind individual widgets, so this new poll will be legible some point soon!

In other news, something really helpful is on AJ's official Instagram page! I don't really use Instagram, but sometimes I check the computer version of AJ's page.

This is only a part of a big FAQ on item selling. Item selling is something seriously against the rules but not often fully understood, so AJHQ put a FAQ up on their Instagram page. It's super helpful, you should check it out.

Speaking of AJHQ, you've probably heard of some issues going on with this one Animal Jam YouTube person with the username Julian2. 

I don't normally like to talk about the AJ side of YouTube because frankly, I'm just not interested, but I feel like some things need to be clear about this one incident.

Basically, this kid broke the rules by doing something inappropriate on AJ and was suspended for a week or two. In addition, his animal character was removed from Animal Jam's YouTube channel banner, which features a handful of other YouTube Jammers called "Jambassadors", and was also removed from an AJ YouTuber group chat.

The suspended Jammer got mad and wrote up a long Instagram comment talking about how it felt like he wasn't welcome in the community anymore and felt like quitting. A lot of his YouTube subscribers support him and think AJHQ is overreacting.

Regardless of where you stand, the truth of the matter is this: 

This is all protocol. AJHQ isn't personally victimizing anyone.

Julian2 is not part of AJHQ. He is just a Jammer like you or me, and so has to follow the same rules. He broke a rule, so the protocol for breaking that rule is a temporary suspension. It's only fair for everyone to have to follow the same rules.

As for being removed from the Jambassador banner and the group chat, that is also protocol. AJHQ uses the Jammers on the Jambassador banner to advertise their game. Using someone who broke the rules to advertise their game sends the wrong message to kids and parents. 

Younger kids watch Julian2's videos, so if they stumbled on some inappropriate content there, it would seem like AJHQ condones that content by featuring the perpetrator on the Jambassador banner, as well as the YouTuber group chat. 

AJHQ doesn't have anything against this YouTube person. He's just another Jammer, and when Jammers break the rules, they will face the agreed-upon consequences. It's as simple as that. It's too simple to even call it "drama" 

It's only right that nobody gets special treatment when it comes to rule breaking. That's the only way that Animal Jam can continue to be a fun place.

I really don't like talking about the Animal Jam side of YouTube. I really wanna keep this blog a positive place. There's so much negativity on other websites... and in the real world. It can be overwhelming.

To end this post on a more positive note, here are some cats in the snow:

See you in Jamaa!

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