Saturday, March 18, 2017

A Spring Idea for AJHQ

Hey Jammers! I know the announcement of the winning weekly featured masterpiece is already a day late, but hold on until tomorrow. Only two people entered, so I'm gonna give it one more day.

In other news, yesterday was Lucky Day!

Sleep tight, little crocodile. May your dreams be filled with fields of clover.

Behold my hastily decorated Lucky Day den.

My geckos watch the giant, radioactive clover patch that cost me 11,000 gems.
Here's a story about clovers that I might have told you guys already, but even so, I think it's cool: Once upon a time, I found 3 five leaf clovers and 1 six leaf clover in the small patch in front of my building!!! I believe I pressed the six leaf clover in Harry Potter #6, but I tried flipping through and couldn't find it. Maybe one day it'll turn up...

Truth be told, there isn't much news today. The biggest change that happened this update was the cougars arriving, and even then the hype died down very quickly. 

Even still, I really haven't been keeping up very well with this blog. I don't post the daily item anymore unless it's cool and nonmember, and I haven't talked about promo toys or member benefits because I don't think they're very interesting. You can find out about those anywhere you like, but I want Animal Jam Stream to have unique stuff. There may be less quantity, but I want it to be quality.

Plus, there's just so much going on that it would take an eternity to discuss it all and I wouldn't even get a chance to talk about the interesting stuff! 

But just because there isn't much news right now, doesn't mean that I have nothing to talk about. 

March is technically soon to be over, and because AJ aggressively hops from one holiday to the next without much space in between, we can safely assume that the Spring Festival is coming next update.

Without question, the Spring seasonal adventure is sure to come this April. But do you know what probably won't happen, because it hasn't happened since 2014?

The Spring Egg Hunt.

From the dawn of Jamaa in 2011, the Spring Egg Hunt was a yearly tradition that taught Jammers about the natural world. Through a fun scavenger hunt across the land, Jammers would learn about the eggs animals lay in Springtime. In the process, they would win cool prizes like the ones above!

Sadly, once the April group adventure came out in 2015, this fun tradition was no more.

...but does it have to be?

Because one is in Jamaa and the other is an adventure, the two egg hunts could actually exist side-by-side and make April in Jamaa a lot more fun!

Here are the benefits of bringing back the Spring Egg Hunt:

Older Jammers will be less likely to quit. The most frequent reason for quitting AJ is rampant change replacing old stuff, so this addition will endear older Jammers to stay!

Because less people will quit, more Jammers will buy and continue paying for memberships to support the game.

The Spring Egg Hunt running alongside the seasonal adventure could also strengthen the Jamaa community by connecting long-time AJ players with newer Jammers. 

AJHQ, if you're reading this, I hope you consider this idea. I think it could make Animal Jam really fun! C:

That's all for now, see you in Jamaa!


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