Thursday, March 30, 2017

Awesome New Game + Rare Item Weekend

Hey Jammers! Today is the biweekly update, bringing us a plethora of cool new stuff. My personal favorite is the big new game, but I'll get to that later! ;D

Without further ado, here is the Jamaa Journal:


I can imagine a sports announcer saying that in an overly dramatic voice. XD

I can also imagine some certain Animal Jam YouTubers using that as a clickbait title, which they probably already have. *cough* They're always using words like "ridiculous" or "insane" to describe things that are neither ridiculous nor insane. But that's none of my business... (⊙3⊙)

It's interesting to watch the arc of the Jamaa Journal cover over five years. Just a couple years earlier, the new game would be the headline, now it's not even on the front cover! Now AJHQ is learning just how obsessed with items Jammers can get, and are assuming it's all they care about. A little sad, but AJHQ is just doing their job.

So, throughout today, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, a total of eight RiDoNkUlOuS rare items will be released in shops for a day only each. Two per day, I think.

Here are today's items:

Neither of these items have been released before, so if someone tries to tell you they're from beta, they're wrong.

Interesting how both of these items are ugly. AJHQ may be trying to replicate that "glitched mistake item" look that some highly sought-after items have. 

I hope everyday has at least one nonmember item!

Speaking of nonmember items, here are some weird ones from Jam Mart Furniture:

Very generic. All named with single words, like "chair" and "lamp". All 50 gems. You can't change the colors. A little odd. 

I think this is an attempt to rebuild the amount of "building block" items after putting a whole lot on clearance, like the Seasonal Tree.

Next page...

The same Liza den advertised in the update sneak peak is here! Very pretty, very big.

I always thought Liza lived in that hidden hut in Jamaa Township, though:

Liza protects Jamaa while other Alphas are away. There's bamboo here for her to eat. This is her den! No one can make me believe otherwise. XD

Next page...

1,000 buddies for members! Buddy everyone you see, and still have room to spare!

Cheetahs have left and returned. Once again, a reminder to y'all: there is a strong chance that a new land will come when goats return

Pretty annoying how Fast Foodies is such a cool new game and it only gets a small HALF-PAGE in the Jamaa Journal. Buckle up, kiddos, because I'm gonna tell you all about it!

What's odd about this game is that I can't seem to find the physical game icon anywhere in Jamaa. It's only accessible through the game menu, which I never use. Hopefully it'll show up one day in Sol Arcade, the Juice Hut or Sarepia Theater!

This game is ridiculously fun. It's a whole lot different from other AJ games, in the sense that it's more interactive! 

Each level adds another food option and another element of challenge, so you're never bored. I can't wait to unlock Sarepia Theater! :D

Go play this game now. It deserves the front page of the Jamaa Journal.

Next page...

Two seasonal April things: the Spring Festival adventure, and the April Fools party. Personally, I'm more excited for the latter. 

Here's a mini-tour of this years April Fools Party!

This year's party castle has the same basic layout as it normally does, but with some topsy-turvy underwater stuff that makes me wanna recycle my wolf and get an ocean animal. 

And what's that I see? An unreleased dolphin plushie?

Yep! A pink pirate version of the dolphin plushie annually sold as a prize in the Summer Carnival. I wonder if more stylized underwater plushies will come out in the future... Hmmm...

Here are the items in the clothing and den shops:



So glad to see the shark hat again. It's too cute! :D

Go check out the party for yourself, it's wicked cool this year.

Now, the Spring Festival. I put up a new poll on the right sidebar about the Spring Festival vs. the 2011-2014 Spring Egg Hunt. 

I personally think there's no reason not to do both together, seeing as the Spring Egg Hunt is small but doesn't steal the spotlight from the Spring Festival.

I don't really know how to tell AJHQ about this idea, even though I think it could make April a lot of fun on AJ. Email is more for personal complaints rather than suggestions, and you can't do much through the purple suggestion bubbles in Jamaa. Because my username was put into the chat dictionary, I'm just hoping AJHQ reads my blog. At least once in a blue moon. :T

Next page...

There's a new exhibit in the Museum! Animals are so cool, it's a shame the Conservation Museum is always so empty. Go and check out Speed in Nature, will ya? Tell them DoomyPanda sent you.

Snow Leopards are coming soon, but no sign of goats. AJHQ is hard at work making some kinda new land or adventure. Whatever it is, the goats will bring it with them.

Spring is in full bloom in the beautiful land of Jamaa. Flowers are blossoming... birds are chirping... and the most iconic sign of Spring– floating grape juice –is blooming on the vine. 

Where I am, Spring is being pretty shy. Even though I saw a few crocuses on my way home from school, the snow hasn't stopped yet. There's some expected this weekend! Oh boy. -_-

That's all I have for now, Jammers! Remember to enter in the Masterpiece contest– only one person has entered so far!

See you in Jamaa!

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