Monday, March 27, 2017

How We Feel About the Diamond Shop

Hey Jammers! I hope you remember to enter in the weekly Masterpiece contest, which is now becoming the biweekly masterpiece contest because only one or two people have entered this week's round. 

If you want to have your artwork admired by over two hundred different jammers every day for two weeks, here's how to enter: Display a Masterpiece in an unlocked den or Jammer Wall, then comment your username on any post on AJ Stream. I really wanna see some artwork! :O

It's Monday today, and the Rare Item Monday is a members-only purple phantom T-shirt. I'd put a picture of it here, but you've probably already seen it and bought it by now because I'm writing this post at night. Besides, I have other things I wanna talk about.

Things like my extremely high amount of gems:

Or the most exclusive club in all of AJ:

It's so exclusive, only I'm allowed in. Club meetings consist of me, sitting in a dark corner eating candy.

Or the rampant lack of self-esteem in Jamaa Township:

The area around Princess Arcticwolf was dimmed by a cloud of pure sadness.
But I'd like to once again start this post as I start far too many others: to apologize for my continuous lack in updates and tell you the reason why.

I was really sick this weekend and I'm only starting to recover now. I was also out of school for today and Friday, so I can only imagine the mountain of homework that will greet me when I get to school tomorrow...

But for today, I'm on AJ. And this blog.

Here are the results of my recently-closed poll about the Diamond Shop:

That's really hard to read, so here are the results in my words: 
17 people simply think the Diamond Shop is a pretty room. 
11 people like the way the Diamond Shop is now, and think that the Diamond Shop should keep being the place where Diamond items are. 
This is a close tie with the 10 people who think the Diamond Shop should be removed altogether with the Diamond items moving elsewhere, like Epic Wonders. 
9 people believe Diamonds aren't as cool as they're made out to be.
7 people miss how Jamaa Township looked before the Diamond Shop crowded it up.
5 people simply believe the Diamond Shop should go.
4 people have no opinion.
3 people have different opinions, but none of them commented so I have no way to verify that. I want to know what you think about the Diamond Shop! Just comment on any post!

I made that poll after writing >this post< about a big idea I had about the future of the Diamond Shop. You can read it if you like, but it's long so here's my overall simplified idea:

The Diamond Shop could be removed from Jamaa Township, and the Diamond items could be transferred to Epic Wonders.

In the post I wrote, I discuss the many benefits as well as the evidence that shows it could work. If ya wanna read it, click the link above! 

Even though the poll is closed, I'd like to hear your comments on the idea. How do you feel about the Diamond Shop? Is it annoying, or fine the way it is?

See you in Jamaa! :D


  1. Hey Doomy! I just tagged you for a tag! If you wanna check it out, check here:

    1. Thanks! I'll answer that tag in my next post, which will come... sometime this week. XD I missed a ton of homework assignments while I was sick.

  2. I feel like the diamond shop should have more NM stuff. maybe pets should be 2 diamonds, cuz I mean most of the time their just things that follow u that can wear clothes. I like the diamond shop where it is now, but don't we ever get tired of the same old room setup? It'd be cool if AJHQ remodeled the diamond shop. Keep the same stuff that there is, add new stuff, and then just move around the stuff that is the same. Instead of the statue being an arctic wolf, they should make it change whenever hints for a new animal comes out to where the statue turns into another hint, but it should still be a statue tho.


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