Saturday, March 4, 2017

Weekly Featured Masterpiece – Winner #4!

Hey Jammers! I really apologize for the lack in posting, even though I warned you about it. I've had an emotionally difficult week so I've expended a lot of my energy with worrying. 

That is the reason why the announcement of the weekly winning Masterpiece is a day late.

I'd like to give a sincere thank you to lostfairy, Talloose, and lpslover98989 for entering this round of AJ Stream's Weekly Featured Masterpiece. 
This week's winner is someone who works excellently with vibrant colors. I present to you, the one, the only...




This Masterpiece of brilliant green, blue, purple, and red shows a fox reaching up, eyes closed, to the word PEACE suspended in midair over a backdrop of colorful swirls. 

This is truly a unique piece. I haven't seen anything like this in Jamaa before! The artist made great use of the airbrush tool to create a soft, organic feeling reminiscent of meditation. This artwork also has excellent composition and detail, with the main figure (the fox) in the center. The eye naturally travels from the fox to the suspended bubble letters, which are well-shadowed and defined with the yellow swirls. The flower on the fox's chest, as well as the claws and red accents, all work together to pull this beautiful image together.

The mood of lpslover98989's masterpiece is, well, PEACE, but a fun kind of peace. Peace and happiness, a wonderful combination that many people strive to create. Maybe that's why the fox is reaching toward it.

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful artwork, lpslover98989!!! :D

Feel free to enter again if you have not won already, or if you want to enter for the first time. We normally only get a handful of entries, so you are sure to win at some point soon.

Here is a small gallery of past winners:

Week #3

Week #2

Week #1

Interested in having your artwork join the Amazing Gallery of Cool Artists? Here's how to enter:

Step 1: Display a Masterpiece either in an unlocked den or on an unlocked Jammer Wall.

Step 2: Comment your username on any post on Animal Jam Stream!

If you just do those 2 simple things, I'll go look at your Masterpiece in your den or Jammer Wall and you will be automatically entered in the contest. Winners are typically announced on Friday.

If you win, not only will you have a post dedicated to you and your artwork, but your artwork will be displayed in a place of honor at the top of this blog for over a hundred Jammers to admire!

And now, I have a new rule: If you won in the past, you may now enter again if you enter a different Masterpiece.

Entries will be accepted starting NOW! C'mon, guys! :D

P.S. I was right! The new animal is a cougar, another name for a mountain lion! My analysis was right! :D


  1. Congrats Lpslover! Their art is really colorful and cute! :D

  2. OH my gosh, this is a dream come true! Thanks so much! And at the best of times, too! My headache feels a bit better now :)

    May my spirit be with you, ALWAYS! Jam on!

    ~.*FrozenWarrior*.~ (Known as lpslover98989 on AJ)

  3. Hi Doomy! I'm sarahkey8, new to this blog, I will try to check it every day and comment! :D Can you maybe buddy me on AJ XD?

  4. Congratulations, Frozen!! :D Your art is totally win-worthy. ;)

    I'd like to enter again, Doomy. XD (I feel like I'm always pestering you about me entering, oh well!)

    BTW, Doomy, I have a favor for you. :D

    My blogger anniversary is coming up and I'm going around asking some of my friends to ask me 3 AJ related questions. It can be anything about AJ or my blog or whatever. :) Thank you!!

  5. Hello doomypanda! I wanted to tell you that I have a masterpiece i'd like to enter and its in my den, Good luck too everyone! :D


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