Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Changing Weather - Snow is Coming to Jamaa?

Hey Jammers! We got some BREAKING NEWS up in here regarding tomorrow's update. *grabs mic*

According to AJHQ's biweekly update Sneak Peak, "Winter is coming." 

...Whatever that means, because I'm pretty sure it's Spring right now. Winter is not a season I wish to relive this early! Still, I wonder what exactly AJHQ means by "Winter." 

In AJHQ's Sneak Peak, the snowy effect was emphasized, even when the land it snowed on was warm and Spring-y. Maybe Winter is not coming in full, with snowmen and Jamaalidays and all that jazz, but perhaps simply with snow.

Or maybe this is something bigger...

Maybe AJHQ is not simply introducing "Winter", but new weather patterns! Maybe some days you log into Jamaa (like tomorrow) will be snowy, others rainy or sunny. 

Maybe weather will be a setting you can toggle and control.

We can't know for sure.

All that we do know...

is that Winter is coming. 

~ DoomyPanda

1 comment:

  1. Winter didn't actually come XD Snowflake arctic wolves did though:D


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