Sunday, May 21, 2017

Herbology Expert

Hey Jammers! I just found an old picture from the days in Jamaa when the achievement "Herbology Expert!" existed.

Basically, there would be plants around Jamaa with a little green leaf icon. If you clicked all of them, you would receive a now-deleted achievement.

Up until now, I'd only ever seen the above image of the achievement, never the plants themselves. Neat.

This was a pretty short post. Before I go, I just wanted to let you know that up until I get out of class on June 22nd, I won't be posting much at all so I can keep up my school work. But maybe it won't be any different from my normal posting schedule because it's already so spotty!

I guess you can look forward to June 22nd because this summer I am going to focus on this blog more than ever. You might even see daily posts!

But until then, you'll have to put up with the spottiness...


~ DoomyPanda


  1. Wow, it'd be nice if they kept that!

  2. Oh cool! :D If only they skept it, it would be super cool!

  3. Hmm! That would have been a nice feature to still have. It's a shame they removed it - it seems as though AJHQ is straying further and further away from the "Natural" aspect of AJ as the years go by!

    - Arctic

    1. It's just false advertising if they continue to move away from it. AJ is literally classified as an "educational biology mmo" not an "item obsession simulator".

    2. I completely agree!

      "item obsession simulator" haha- I love the description!

      - Arctic

    3. Materialism Simulator 2k17 XD


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