Thursday, May 11, 2017

Hyped Up For Nothing

EDIT: I acknowledge a whole team of people worked really hard on this so I am sorry if this is rude. It probably wasn't the right call to call it outright ugly.

Hey Jammers! 

So, the Jamaa Journal changed.

This isn't just me being the stereotypical "AJ player afraid of change." I believe I'm reasonably justified in being annoyed when such change is uncalled-for and unnecessary. 

I'm really confused as to why AJHQ would change the newspaper in the first place. What is the advantage? The previous Jamaa Journal was charming and appropriate. It made updates so exciting to wait for its joyous banner to load in the crowded Jamaa Township. The page-turn effect was a lovely touch, too.

There's no joy in this new format. It's just a recycled den inventory list.

I haven't even mentioned the content of this new "news board." If you read through it, you'll see this new format makes it easier to only include one to two pieces of actual news with seven extra filler pages of stuff we already know.

And that whole "Winter is coming" stuff that AJHQ tried to hype up on their Instagram page? It's just the snowflake wolf. Not cool, AJHQ. (Haha... "cool"... ha... sorry.)

I hope this is a test. I hope this will be like the 3D map and the halted Club Geoz renovation and go away once AJHQ realizes it's pointless.

For those who don't remember, here are both of those things:

The 3D map story: One fine update, the map changed without warning from normal (how we know it today) to chunky minimalist weirdness. People were super annoyed and it eventually changed back.

The Club Geoz renovation story: One update on the Jamaa Journal page you see above, AJHQ announced that renovations would come to Club Geoz. Caution tape was around it and the door might have been blocked off. Not many people were upset, but for an unknown reason the renovation halted the next update without a word. AJHQ might have realized that Geoz is charming the way it is, even if it isn't visited as often. When it is visited, it gets almost crowded!

I guess you never really love something until it's gone, especially when it's a little thing.

See you in Jamaa! 


  1. Yeah, jamaa not gonna be the same with the new jamaa journal

    1. Let's all just close our eyes and wish really hard that when we check the update in two weeks everything will be back to normal. There's no place like home... There's no place like home...

  2. Annoyed too, I mean it felt crazy to see that new Jamaa Journal, and that snowflake wolf is the wolf-spring bunny. But this is a good update with the wolf, its like a free code for a spring bunny but a with a wolf and the pattern is a snowflake. Anywho, Yes the new Jamaa Journal, its just werid to see a journal like a note on one of those pin walls instead of a newspaper. P.S Uh.. I think its not a pin wall.. -minigirl121

    1. Yeah, aside from the Jamaa Journal getting messed up and AJHQ exaggerating on their Instagram page, it was a pretty OKAY update. The negative kinda drowns out the positive for me personally, though.

      And I think you mean bulletin board! But you were close!

    2. I mean the classic Jamaa Journal was great! But it changed like crazy! The only thing thats the same is the notes. Its OK I guess but its annoying to not see what it was since.. I don't know?! Since it started?! P.S I've only been playing for two in a half years.

  3. I totally agree with you.

    After every update, I feel like AJHQ are slowly killing off Jamaa's spirit. I miss when the Alphas and lore were a big part of Animal Jam's culture. To me, the old Jamaa Journal reminded me of those times of Jamaa. The new Jamaa Journal looks more like a notice board. This is just an excuse for Animal Jam to repeat old news. Such a shame.

    1. I guess the truth is that is IS a big part of Jamaa's spirit, and it always will be, but it isn't being treated as such by AJHQ. Whenever changes on AJ and in the community happen that contradict the focus of AJ, we have to realize that just because people are focusing on detrimental things does not mean that the positive core of Jamaa is any less strong. Maybe what you like isn't mainstream, but that doesn't mean it's "dead".

      Also, I have a random question: what year did you join AJ?

    2. I guess so, but I do miss the Alpha loading screens, Alpha homepage, and touches like that. I joined in early 2011.

    3. I joined 2016 or 2015, so maybe two or one in a half years... .-. -minigirl121

  4. Ok, I don't mean to hate on you, Doomy, but seriously? Normally I'm fine with people expressing their own opinions, but I mean, this is just, just, taking it to far! I get it that most people don't like this new Jamaa Journal, but that doesn't mean you have to write a whole essay looking at ONLY it's bad parts! Ban me from commenting, but I think you could have done something better with your time than THIS.


    1. Why? Surely we all are allowed to share our own views? I actually shared this post to Animal Jam on Facebook and they said they'll read it. Perhaps the old Jamaa Journal will return considering the backlash. I think the feedback was fair and constructive.

    2. Ok, that wasn't me! Another impostor?! NO ANONYMOUS USERS ARE SAFE!


    3. ...All I can say is that it's my blog and I can write what I wanna. Some blogs go all out trying to mimic AJHQ with positive neutrality, but honestly, I'm just some kid with a blog. I'm not AJHQ.

      I have strong feelings on topics that I'd like to express constructively. Maybe I said some strong things, calling the board outright ugly when there was probably a whole team of people working hard on it. That was probably the wrong call, but overall I think I'm staying in my lane.

      And whoever you are, I'd never ban someone who was just expressing their opinion, even if it contradicted the consensus. It's fine to have a different idea on things!

  5. Hmm... Yep, I was weirded out by the update too.

    Snowflake Arctic wolf? Hmm, okay, though I don't really see why we need an Arctic Wolf variant.
    Jamaa Journal Update? But why....?

    I must admit, I am rather excited for coyotes though (I love coyotes!)

    I hope AJHQ takes their time on it though, and does a good job. To me, it seems as though they're producing too many animals too quickly (and they're all very cute-sy, which I'm not the hugest fan of). Not to mention that they all have been going to the diamond shop -.-
    Of course, this is just my opinion though! ^.^

    Great post!

    - Arctic


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