Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The First Item Codes in 5 Years!

S'up, Jammers. We have some new codes for you today-- and they aren't your ordinary codes. They're item codes!

But first off, I'd like to talk about a couple small things that have been going on in Jamaa. Just so we can save the best for last. :)

Over in Jam Mart Furniture are a few new items. But more eventful than that, the way the items are displayed is a little less than accurate:

If the items in front of the Large Nest aren't considered new, then I wouldn't think that the Large Nest itself is new. :0

It's not that crazy of a glitch, but I just thought I'd point it out. I remember the time before new things started coming out left and right where AJ bloggers would be attuned to any and all small changes, ads, and bugs. Ah, it was so much easier to stay informed a few years ago.

Eh, maybe I'm exaggerating. I can't go on AJ as often as I used to, so every update is just like a slap in the face because I don't know what's going on. XD

I hope I can use this blog to make things less confusing.

Next up, you're probably aware that the Summer Carnival is back in Jamaa. I checked it out this evening. It looks very summer-y and carnival-y as always. The consistency is nice. :)

There are a whole bunch of new items in the two prize stands. Many of which are recolored items of previous years. I believe the original ones now have rare tags.

Here's a new item I like a lot:

It's a monarch butterfly! A very beautiful butterfly. 

Here's a cool story: a few years ago, I was walking to a new school on the first day and I passed by a fence at the edge of a field. It was a sunny day, I think, and there were open flowers growing on the fence. I happened to look around at the other side of the fence, where the flowers were growing, and I saw... at least 7 monarch butterflies, all drinking nectar! They were beautiful in the sunshine, pink flowers, and green leaves. 

It's a rare sight to see, especially today. 90% of monarch butterflies have died only in the past ten years due to habitat loss, pesticides, and climate change altering rainfall and migratory patterns.

Just think about it... an ancient species, far more ancient than us, have weathered this Earth for millions of years, and yet just 10 years can bring about the erasure of their whole culture and history. 

It's not fair that we have that power-- and the rampant selfishness to abuse it.

But we also have the power to do good. If you'd like to help monarchs as a species (and bring some beautiful butterflies to your yard), plant milkweed where you can. It's a special flower because not only do monarch butterflies love the nectar, but they also lay their eggs there! And baby monarch caterpillars are so bright and beautiful to see:

Don't be a part of the problem, be a part of the solution! ^___^

And now, the moment you've been waiting for... the item codes.

Here are all the cool items you can get:

If you want the Reader's Sofa, use the code getready2jam!
If you want the Reader's Chair, use the code aj4ever!
And if you want the Reader's Lamp, use the code paws4friends!

As you can see, we have a book theme going on with these items. I like them a lot. Thanks, AJHQ!

It's a little interesting... Aside from the yearly AJ birthday cakes, we haven't had free item codes for more than five years! I believe the last item code was for the Gecko Plushie in 2012. Ah, I love my Gecko Plushies...

It was crazy how rare that orange one was. You could enter the gecko code on 15 separate accounts and not get a single orange gecko! I traded someone for the orange gecko a few years back because I just couldn't get one on my own. XD

Technically, it's still that rare, but because it isn't in as high demand as other items (even if they are actually commoner), the orange gecko is not considered rare. It's messed up. I partially blame The Forgotten Desert. :T

I have to go, but from this point on, I'm going to try make Animal Jam Stream as positive a blog as I can. There can be a lot of negativity in the AJ community, and in the end I guess it's best to just do your part to improve things rather than wait around for someone else to. 

That's all for now, Jammers. See you in Jamaa!

~ DoomyPanda


  1. Oho! I love these codes- excellent items!

    I hope the word gets around about these. I'd hate for unsuspecting Jammers to get scammed because they weren't aware of the codes.

    I agree about the butterflies. It's terrible that we have so much power, yet it often gets used for destruction. It's important to raise awareness for threatened species!

    Speaking of butterflies and caterpillars, did you know that the hidden secret item in the Beach House is the caterpillar couch?

    Great post as always!

    - Arctic

    1. I didn't know! Maybe I'll go check that out today. Is it nonmember?

      Thanks for your comment :D

  2. Wait, technically the ajbday codes give items, right?


    1. They do, but it's every year. I'm referring to the non-ajbday item codes.

  3. Those codes are awesome! Especially sense I love books.. hehe I love the butterfly bracelet, and its nm ;) And the big nest has been out for a while now, guess AJHQ wants it to stay 'new' so ppl will buy it? XDD

  4. Heyo! Thanks for using the code I said, and I didn't know about the other reader's items, Thanks for putting them on! :3 P.S: I do enjoy books like Sarahkey8, I really like Harry Potter :3 -minigirl121 P.S again: GRFINDOR!

  5. Thank you so much for the reader's items codes! ^^



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