Friday, June 30, 2017

MORE item codes?

Hey Jammers! I apologize for not posting yesterday. I don't really have an excuse, other than just general stress. I promise you that this is just an outlier and for the majority of summer I will be posting daily. If you want me to, that is. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

As you can probably tell by the title, I've got even more item codes for ya! This time, these item codes give you customized backpacks.

I'd first like to thank an anonymous commenter for bringing them to my attention:

I did some research and found two item codes for two differently styled backpacks, nonmember of course. Unfortunately, I do not have the slightest clue what piece of merchandise they were originally found with. 

I guess it doesn't matter though, 'cuz you can still get the digital items! 

Out of the backpacks, you have two choices. You can pick...

The Panda Power Backpack, featuring a purple panda with a headband as the front pocket. Or...

The Play Wild Backpack! It is forest green with bright little leaves and ladybugs. Oddly enough, the ladybugs have no eyes. But I guess it makes sense because they'd be too small to be visible.

These two are a little bit smaller than the typical backpack item. Just in case you wanted to know.

If you can't decide which one you want the most... just get both of them. I lied when I said you had to choose. :P

The codes for each are:

POWERBACKPACK - For the Panda Power Backpack


WILDBACKPACK - For the Play Wild Backpack

I should probably add these (and the book codes) to the blog's Codes page. Maybe when I stop being lazy.

Personally, I like the Play Wild Backpack more, simply because I love the nature-focused art of AJ. Also the ladybug. Don't forget the ladybug. 

Which do you like best?

See you in Jamaa!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Book Item Codes, Possible New Party + SQUID HAT!!!

Hey Jammers! It seems like free item codes are coming more frequently now, because we now have two promo codes from the new AJ storybooks "Call of the Alphas" and "The Phantoms' Secret" that YOU can enter without actually buying the books! :D

If you want the purple "Phantom's Secret" book, enter the code RIDDLETHIS

If you want the blue "Call of the Alphas" book, enter the code HEARTSTONE

If you click on either of the books, this message pops up:

Call of the Alphas is referring to the new Journey Book party, not the title of the blue book itself, if you were confused.

Aside from the Sol Arcade game items, these two books are the first interactive portal items. I wonder if more portal items are to come in the future... Maybe that rumored Phantom Dimension portal seen in an AJHQ screenshot from a few years back:

I had totally forgotten about that until now. XD

Hmm... I just had a thought. The first AJ chapter book thing is called "Call of the Alphas", right? And that semi-new Journey Book party is ALSO called "Call of the Alphas", correct? 

Well... the other AJ chapter book is called something along the lines of "The Phantoms' Secret." What if... a new Journey Book party quest thing is gonna come out with that same name? I think it could. And then the portal on the purple book item would change to send ya there. 

Back to the actual items. If you're curious about the actual content of these AJ chapter books, here's an excerpt I found online:

Like a lot of AJ users, I like the lore associated with the game. Still, I still don't see why they needed to turn this into an actual book. Most Jammers already know the lore. It's nice to have a more descriptive extension of it, but it could have just been put into the game in the Chamber of Knowledge rather than wasting the trees and ink to distribute a piece of merchandise. 

Animal Jam can get kinda hypocritical– telling us to protect the environment and minimize waste while putting out loads of wasteful merchandise. It seems like they just put in the "protect the environment" part to satisfy the partnership with Nat Geo Kids. I wish AJ emphasized the educationally fun aspects of their game more. 

It would be so simple but make a big difference– just push the "Wild Weekends" back a few pages of the Jamaa Journal and put the Conservation Museum news on the front page. In all honesty, that's a bigger deal than a few new items. Items come out every day, for Mira's sake! XD

Speaking of items, while they do come out every day, some are actually worth noting. Some, like... *drumroll*

THIS NONMEMBER SQUID HAT!!! Isn't it beautiful? It even comes in purple! ;D

(And yes, I am actually too broke on AJ to even afford 650 gems. I got a grand total of... six. Six gems. That's what donating to the Conservation Museum every day does to ya.)

That's all for now, Jammers. See you in Jamaa! :P

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Nonmember Outfit Tips and Ideas

Hey Jammers! Remember when I used to post nonmember outfit ideas for you all? Well remember no more, because I, DoomyPanda, present to you THIS!:

What I used to do is give each outfit a stupid name. In the spirit of AJ Stream tradition, I'll call this one... "Magenta Warrior"

The items used are...

1. Rare Feathered Mask 
2. Bow and Arrows (non-rare) (purple)
3. Moon Necklace (black)

As I look at it now, I can say that the Bow and Arrows, and maybe even the Moon Necklace are completely optional. The colors are what make this outfit. 

The colors/patterns used are...

1. Red (top color)
2. Black (bottom color)
3. Deep violet (flame pattern)

I actually use this one a lot for both my panda and my wolf. (I no longer have my wolf because I recycled it to get a turtle, but it looked pretty nice when I had it.) 

The color scheme and chosen items are based around the Rare Feathered Mask item. It's fun to choose one item as a "centerpiece" and base the rest of the outfit's colors around it. That's Tip #1!

Tip #2 is to not feel like you need to simply coat your animal in rares to look cool. In fact, that often looks a little tacky, unless you really feel proud of your collection of rares and want to show that pride to the world. 

But generally, cool outfits can be a combination of rares and non-rares, just non-rares, or nothing at all! Remember that animals look cool just the way they are, with scales, fur, patterns, and their personalities. They don't need crowns to look regal, or dresses to look pretty, or even capes to look mysterious. 

All in all, don't feel like you need to impress those random people in Aldan with your animal avatar to be worthy of friends. Just do whatever you want! 

All my panda usually wears is a blue Necklace. The colors I use are simple black and white with the lavender swirly pattern. I choose to dress my animal so devoid of rares because it's a replication of how my panda looked on my first day of AJ! The blue Necklace was the first item I traded for. ^-^

In other news, I just noticed that the AJ background changed to this:


Thanks for reading, Jammers. As always, see you in Jamaa!

Monday, June 26, 2017

Happy 5 Years of Blogging, Nafaria9!

Hey Jammers! You think I wouldn't post today, didn't you? Huh? WELL I DID, AND THIS IS PROOF!!!

Do you know about Nafaria9? She runs the Animal Jam Whip-- you've probably heard about it before. Today marks the 5-year anniversary of its first post, and to celebrate, she threw a party in her den!

Here are some pictures. Maybe if you close your eyes and wish real hard, you can daydream yourself into these screenshots... 

There was a fashion show game-- always fun, no matter who you are! The theme was "mustaches."

Everything was fun and normal-- but in a sudden flash of lightning, the mystical Talking Jar appeared! 

As the cosmic mist cleared, the Talking Jar made itself known as the sole surveyor and protecter of Jamaa. The Alphas– WHO? Mira and Zios– WHO?? All lies! It has been the Talking Jar all along. 

Remember when you were about to trade away that un-rare item that you had an attachment for and you decided against it? That was the Talking Jar. Remember when you were in the middle of a heated buddy game and you were about to accidentally close the page, but you didn't? That was the Talking Jar, guiding your cursor away from the darkness and into the light. 


By the cosmic guidance of the Talking Jar, we all decided to join forces in Sarepia Forest to summon Mira, the Giant Chicken of Life. We called our little band "Weirdo Clan."

As we danced by the fire pit into the night, Mira gave us a vision within the blue flames! It was... a top-secret preview of Jamaa's NEXT BIG ADVENTURE! 

After praising AJHQ loudly in all caps, we looked deep into the beautiful gift of a vision, deep into the azure smoldering fire to find–

...Eh, I'll pass on this one. 

Everyone go over to the Animal Jam Whip and wish Nafaria9 a happy blog-o-versarry! She totally deserves it. <(^-^)>

See you in Jamaa!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

ALL Clearance Items + Weird Thing

Hey Jammers! I seem to have developed a cold in the middle of summer for NO REASON! I have still come to keep my promise of daily posting, but it might seem a little hasty today because I need to go sleep. 

With all the shops in Jamaa putting items on clearance this way and that, I thought it might be helpful to show you all the items you won't want to miss when they go. 


Jam Mart Clothing

The Diamond Shop

 Outback Imports

Epic Wonders

If an item within a specific "theme" is on clearance, you can expect that the rest of that theme will soon leave with it. With that in mind, if you suspect an item of interest might be put on clearance soon, your best bet is to get it before you forget about it.

On another note, as I was looking through the shops of Jamaa, I noticed something interesting:

Diamond items and gem items in the same shopping catalog-- not just in Epic Wonders, but in shops all over! You're probably aware of that change already, but you might not be aware that I had suggested an idea like this to AJHQ awhile back: get rid of the Diamond Shop and move its items to Epic Wonders, still sold for Diamonds.

What I see here is different, but I wonder... did AJHQ implement this after reading my suggestion? Is this a step in the direction of the Diamond Shop's removal? Or is this all a coincidence I'm reading to much into? Only time will tell.

And before I go, a quick PSA:

These items and Mira/Zios Plushies with other decorations are NOT RARE. You can buy them in Jam-Mart-Furniture simply by changing the plushies' colors. DO NOT LET YOURSELF GET SCAMMED!

That's all for now, Jammers. See you in Jamaa!

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Call of the Alphas Hints!

Hey Jammers! I don't normally do Journey Book guides, mostly because I think having all the answers handed to you kinda ruins the fun and challenge of a treasure hunt...

But I took one look at the massive map of Call of the Alphas and I just knew a guide would be important.

This has got to be the biggest most winding room on AJ-- and you don't even get a map! How crazy (and wonderfully challenging) is that?

Of course, we could all use a guide. However, I still don't want to completely ruin the fun by just giving you the coordinates of every item! 

So... how about some semi-cryptic hints to make this even more like a treasure hunt? Just like my riddle contest! :D

And, no, you silly, I'm not just doing this because it's fun to come up with dumb riddles... that's ridiculous! Ha ha... ha... ^-^;

I hope I can provide you with much-needed help AND make Call of the Alphas more fun at the same time!

There are a total of 12 of the Alphas' items to find, with two belonging to each Alpha. The following riddles describe the items'  locations in accordance with their owners.

Cosmo's Items

Item 1: You can't enter the circular door, it's just decoration. You look up at a tree in resignation. You see a green piece of fabric-- is it just your imagination? But it floats to the ground-- yes, this is Cosmo's Hat's location!

Item 2: You enter the stone palace, left paw leading the way. In the middle of flat rock some palm trees sway. Perhaps the Bag of Seeds beneath planted this oasis-- it's not moving at all, completely still in  its stasis.

Sir Gilbert's Items

Item 3: You're a little confused; if there is no need to fight, why would Sir Gilbert bring his Armor to a camping site?

Item 4: The desert heat plays tricks on your mind, but I swear that barrel over there is alive.

Greely's Items

Item 5: The wild wind blows wicked and cold, wherever the phantoms happen to go.

Item 6: In the palace of stone, way up above, there is a cave you can't get through no matter how hard you shove. But if you stay patient and wait a little while, out will come a book telling secrets that beguile.

Graham's Items

Item 7: While you wait by the clothesline rotated by gears, 30 seconds will feel like years.

Item 8: Searing lava will burn the fool and cause them pain, so who threw that tool out of the magma vein?

Liza's Items

Item 9: You cross the bridge 'cause you're not a fish, you see a patch of puffy dandelions and make a wish. 

Item 10: When you enter the desert through the gate, bring a compass or meet your fate.

Peck's Items

Item 11: The spiders of the rocky mountain might make more of an effort to decorate if they only had more paints.

Item 12: It seems the farmer dropped her earring while watering the carrots.

I really like this new Birds-of-Paradise-like party! It's actually challenging and fun, bringing a sense of accomplishment when it's completed. Thanks, AJHQ! :D

That's all for now, Jammers. See you in Jamaa!

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