Sunday, June 25, 2017

ALL Clearance Items + Weird Thing

Hey Jammers! I seem to have developed a cold in the middle of summer for NO REASON! I have still come to keep my promise of daily posting, but it might seem a little hasty today because I need to go sleep. 

With all the shops in Jamaa putting items on clearance this way and that, I thought it might be helpful to show you all the items you won't want to miss when they go. 


Jam Mart Clothing

The Diamond Shop

 Outback Imports

Epic Wonders

If an item within a specific "theme" is on clearance, you can expect that the rest of that theme will soon leave with it. With that in mind, if you suspect an item of interest might be put on clearance soon, your best bet is to get it before you forget about it.

On another note, as I was looking through the shops of Jamaa, I noticed something interesting:

Diamond items and gem items in the same shopping catalog-- not just in Epic Wonders, but in shops all over! You're probably aware of that change already, but you might not be aware that I had suggested an idea like this to AJHQ awhile back: get rid of the Diamond Shop and move its items to Epic Wonders, still sold for Diamonds.

What I see here is different, but I wonder... did AJHQ implement this after reading my suggestion? Is this a step in the direction of the Diamond Shop's removal? Or is this all a coincidence I'm reading to much into? Only time will tell.

And before I go, a quick PSA:

These items and Mira/Zios Plushies with other decorations are NOT RARE. You can buy them in Jam-Mart-Furniture simply by changing the plushies' colors. DO NOT LET YOURSELF GET SCAMMED!

That's all for now, Jammers. See you in Jamaa!


  1. I knew about the sunglass mira and zios, but not the suit :o

    1. ALL Mira/Zios Plushies dressed up or in a different color are not rare, you can just get them at Jam Mart Furniture :)

  2. They probably will go rare some day thoughXD

  3. Great post - it's really helpful that you included all the clearance items! I always end up missing them before they're gone, and complaining when I can't find them later, haha!

    Hope you get better from your cold soon!

    - Arctic

    1. Thank you!!! I might actually include clearance items every day, just to make things easier. :D


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