Monday, June 26, 2017

Happy 5 Years of Blogging, Nafaria9!

Hey Jammers! You think I wouldn't post today, didn't you? Huh? WELL I DID, AND THIS IS PROOF!!!

Do you know about Nafaria9? She runs the Animal Jam Whip-- you've probably heard about it before. Today marks the 5-year anniversary of its first post, and to celebrate, she threw a party in her den!

Here are some pictures. Maybe if you close your eyes and wish real hard, you can daydream yourself into these screenshots... 

There was a fashion show game-- always fun, no matter who you are! The theme was "mustaches."

Everything was fun and normal-- but in a sudden flash of lightning, the mystical Talking Jar appeared! 

As the cosmic mist cleared, the Talking Jar made itself known as the sole surveyor and protecter of Jamaa. The Alphas– WHO? Mira and Zios– WHO?? All lies! It has been the Talking Jar all along. 

Remember when you were about to trade away that un-rare item that you had an attachment for and you decided against it? That was the Talking Jar. Remember when you were in the middle of a heated buddy game and you were about to accidentally close the page, but you didn't? That was the Talking Jar, guiding your cursor away from the darkness and into the light. 


By the cosmic guidance of the Talking Jar, we all decided to join forces in Sarepia Forest to summon Mira, the Giant Chicken of Life. We called our little band "Weirdo Clan."

As we danced by the fire pit into the night, Mira gave us a vision within the blue flames! It was... a top-secret preview of Jamaa's NEXT BIG ADVENTURE! 

After praising AJHQ loudly in all caps, we looked deep into the beautiful gift of a vision, deep into the azure smoldering fire to find–

...Eh, I'll pass on this one. 

Everyone go over to the Animal Jam Whip and wish Nafaria9 a happy blog-o-versarry! She totally deserves it. <(^-^)>

See you in Jamaa!


  1. Oh my gosh, Doomy! You are so sweet! <3 This post literally makes me want to cry. Thank you soooo much!! You are such a great friend!


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