Thursday, July 6, 2017

AJHQ Fools Us All + Freedom Party Secrets

Hey Jammers, DoomyPanda here! I'd once again like to thank Kimberley082 for filling in yesterday. I had promised that I would post daily for all of the summer, but some days that's just not feasible for me.

I do an internship at a local wildlife reservation Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and while it's only six hours a day, I get reeeeaaally tired after doing all that work outside lol :S

All in all, it's really fortunate that Kim decided to post again. Thank you! =^-^=

Last Thursday there was no update, meaning that today there will be.

Oh boy, here it is already:

What did I tell ya? All the panda items are here.

Sadly, the one item I liked in this mess, the Bamboo Flute, is member's only. :\

Everyone who wants to be a panda: you can be one again! I completely forgot they went traveling in the first place. On the topic of returning animals, a new land will come when goats return. They'e been gone for about a year so far. 

And yes, if you are a new Jammer, you might not already know that pandas are for everyone. Thanks to this page in the Jamaa Wood Slab, now you do. Woohoo

I can't keep track of all the pets as it is, but here's a new one to add on top of the ever-growing pile.

I kinda miss when there were only a few pets available in Jamaa and it was actually a big deal when new ones came out. Yeah, there was less selection, but at least I'd know them all! There are so many right now that there could be a pet Flesh-eating Demon and no one would no because they already gotta keep track of the squirrels and ladybugs and whatnot.

Yay, Sketch Jam! I wanna learn how to draw a cute chubby crocodile. Genuinely, I do. Aside from pandas, crocs are my favorite animal avatars. Maybe you didn't know that already about me.

This just in, yet another new animal in Jamaa! But what are they? Let's look closely at that image:

Looks eerily familiar. Wait a minute... is that a pet gecko?

I photoshopped a green pet gecko behind the very same rocks and--

WHAT!?! Aside from the hasty image-edit blurriness, it looks practically the same! Is this some kinda joke?

If this is indeed just a pet gecko (which are already in the Diamond Shop, mind you), then it would most likely be this one:

I think it would be really funny if this is genuinely a joke. Maybe next update there will be a follow-up page saying "Oops, no new animal. It was just General Wackystone's lost gecko!" 

If AJHQ should do that, it would add a bit more realism to the biweekly Jamaa Wood Slab. Plus, I can't really say that we need a new animal with a massive reservoir of 42 animals to choose from as it is. (It's 42, I counted. To think there were just six original animals... XD)

But if this isn't a joke.... then it's a snake. The new animal, if there is one, is probably a snake. But I really hope it isn't. This is a golden opportunity, AJHQ... use it. 

Moving on, there are two more pages in the Jamaa Wood Slab, but because they're advertisements for things that aren't really relevant to the game I'll skip them for today. 

In their place, here are two screenshots from Freedom Day:

You know, I don't really care much for the subject of July 4th, but I always get the uncontrollable urge to be festive whenever a holiday comes around-- especially when it has a counterpart on AJ. 

So yeah, I went to the Freedom Party. And then I turned off my computer and went outside to look at fireworks from over a bunch of trees. It was pretty, yeah, but I always wonder about how the local birds feel about all the noise. They have to get up early in the morning to get all the worms and morning dew! :0

Back to Animal Jam. Have you ever looked at the sky at the Freedom Party and wondered about the trees buildings on the horizon? I never did, until this Tuesday. I think I figured it out:

I dunno if this is already common knowledge, but I'm still proud of myself for noticing XD

Is there any other small visual detail in the lands/parties of Jamaa that you think is cool?

See you in Jamaa!



  1. There is also a new item in the new solo arcade den, its a lamp

  2. Oh no........... I just imagined those geckos running around with pet geckos next to them.
    This will be intresting XD

    1. Geckos is actually something too new for animal jam, there having LIZARDS,maybe


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