Saturday, July 8, 2017

Animal Jam CONTEST!

 Hey, Jammers! Kim is back with a post and no, it's not about an update, in fact, it's a CONTEST! I've never hosted a contest before, so I decided, why not?! Now, I will explain in further detail what the contest is about.

WHO?: Anyone can enter! The prize is for nonmembers and members!

WHAT?: This contest is a Jingle or Slogan contest. Basically, you have to create either a jingle or a slogan (or both!) for Animal Jam in order to win a prize. You can only enter once and only under this post, entries commented on other posts won't be entered. Under this post, comment the jingle/slogan (or both) and a number between 1-20. To make this fair, I will use a random number generator to choose the winner.

WHERE: Under this post. The winner will have to buddy me if they haven't already and I will trade it to them ASAP.

WHEN: The entries must be submitted before July 12 because on July 12 I will choose the winner.

(If there are any questions about the contest, feel free to comment them down below.)

Now, onto what the prize is. There will only be one winner and that winner will win a ... Rare Blue Bow and Arrow! It may not be much so I apologize for that.

Also, if you have any suggestions as to what other contests you'd like me to do, comment that down below.

Anyways, good luck to all who decide to enter! Remember to only enter once and only under this post, thanks! See you later Jammers!


  1. Username: owlzrockgirl
    Number: 2
    Slogan: "Got your paws in a twist? Have your decisions at a draw? Come one, come, all, come relax in Jamaa!"

    Right now, I think I'm the only one here.. but.. <3

  2. No problem! This blog is awesome! I hope more people enter, I want some competition x3

  3. Uh you have.. The Masterpiece Contest.. ;-; -minigirl121

    1. Once I get my life together (LOL) I might start up the Masterpiece Contest again. Not a lot of people are currently interested, sadly. I might do a poll to see if more people might enter.

      Sorry to disappoint you :(

    2. Its ok Doomy! I just was wondering because though its rarely on my mind, I just was wondering if its still on or not. -minigirl121

  4. Also I came in time! Name: minigirl121 Jingle/Slogan(I don't know the difference..): Need sometime to chill, Or need sometime to build a snowman? Well become a polar bear and look around in Jamaa!

    1. Make sure to pick a number between 1-20?

  5. My slogan for Jamaa is: You can find everything in Jamaa! From the smallest panda's paw to the largest eagle's claw. All the falcons soar and all the lions roar! Every fox can wear candy cane socks! Adopt a pet with buddies you've met! If you want to smile play Animal Jam for a while!
    My username is Transions. I'm sorry if I'm late for this contest. I'm going to be very active on your contests from now on and I'll be sure to view often!

    1. Don't forget to pick a number between 1-20!

  6. Number: 14
    User: Sarahkey8
    Slogan: Jamaa, where lions roar, eagles soar, and lots more!

    Oh my that was very cheesy

  7. A contest suggestion:
    How about an unsolved mystery contest?
    Basically, you find an unsolved mystery in Animal Jam. Then, ask Jammers to come up with their best explanation for this!

    1. That's actually a really clever idea Owl! Thanks for the suggestion :)

  8. I know I was supposed to announce the winner yesterday but not everyone chose a number between 1-20 yet so it wouldn't be fair. I'll announce the winner soon, thanks for being patient lol :))

  9. Im 20, If thats taken, Im 1. :T -minigirl121


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