Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Deleted Items, Coming Soon to Jam-Marts Near You!

Hey Jammers! I'd apologize for not posting yesterday, but our returning co-author Kimberley082 did an excellent job filling in. A round of ap-paws for Kim!!! 

Get it... ap-paws? Applause? Haha, cuz... because pandas have paws, man... ha... 

*ahem* Alright, so word has been going around the Animal Jam side of the internet of some interesting items that were available in the back-pages of the Jam-Mart-Furniture catalog for a very short time.

As with all deleted items, Jammers are going BANANAS for them, trading betas this way and that... it's really disorganized.

Behold the items that have become the eye of the storm:

A whole bunch'a panda stuff, all 5 gems each. Aside from the oddly unique bamboo flute, the rest of this item series is the same exact style as those pig items that came out awhile back. 

With that in mind, as well as the general disregard for pandas on AJ, you wouldn't think that Jammers are selling their souls for these... but with any other deleted or "glitched" item, they are doing just that. Not caring about an item's looks for the sake of being that one cool person with a lot of rares.

And unfortunately for them, these items are not at all rare

Or at least, they won't be by the end of this week.

Let's go back to the items' design for a moment. They're pandas, you can see that. Pandas are not as popular as say, wolves or whatever the newest animal is, right? So there has to be a concrete reason for their existence aside from popularity. It has to be in-line with an event.

And, my friends, here is that event:

This is from the most recent pages of the Jamaa Wood Slab Journal. It implies that pandas will return next update, meaning this Thursday. 

And, being one of the oldest animals on AJ, they'll come with a slew of themed items to celebrate.

You have less than two days to kid yourself that these panda items are rare before they come out. 

If you haven't already sold your entire family for these items and you want some, relax and be patient. Wait two days and your wish will come true, no ridiculous trades required! 

This time, however, they probably won't be 5 gems. ;D

Along with the panda item set, that Mechanical Future set came back in the same half hour yesterday. 

And like the panda set, this item is not rare. But for different reasons.

First off, this set is just a rerelease. They were last seen on AJ in September 2015-- not that long ago! They aren't old enough to trade betas for

In fact, this recent rerelease only makes them less rare, so don't go stockpiling metal dragon eggs for trading fodder.

They're also already available on AJ Play Wild, if that makes any difference to you. I don't actually use that app very often.

This ends my PSA for today. Keep informed, keep yo trades fair.

Trading has become such a convoluted, confusing issue as of late that I think I will make an entire blog page devoted to it. I'm planning on renovating the blog layout soon to be more accessible and less buggy, as well as adding a ton of useful pages, so keep that in mind.

See you in Jamaa, happy Freedom Day in Jamaa!

~ DoomyPanda


  1. I checked the daily explorer and I'm pretty sure they added the item by accident. I hope its still for 5gems because I'm broke XD

  2. the rare AJ Community these dayz.......


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