Sunday, July 9, 2017

That Weird Cave You Probably Forgot About

Hi I'm Star and I'm a fellow returning author here at the Animal Jam Stream. The sidebar lists my name as SkyWatcher.

     So I'm guessing that the majority of you took a look at this picture and thought..
"Hey, that looks really familiar. Where do I know it from?"

The rest probably thought something like..
   "Oh yeah! It's the cave at the bottom of the Adventure Basecamp"

..And the 5% thought something like..
"The adventure basecamp cave. I was just there a couple days ago,"
Of course, no one thought that because there seems to be a curse placed on the adventure basecamp that prevents people from going there.

No one quite knows the purpose of this cave, nor do they know its meaning, but I have a couple ideas about it. 

Credit to Meloetta385 of the Animal Jam Flash

This is an older version of the current Member benefits list that can be found here. So if we look through the list, there are quite a few features that have not been fully put in the game. For our cavey friend over there, the Animal Bases features sound pretty promising. 

So what exactly is an Animal Base? An animal base is an area that can only be accessed by one specific animal, much like today's -animal- only parties. Many areas in Jamaa actually have the potential to have been animal bases. For example, this cave..
once looked like this..

Seals were the first animal released after Beta Testing, They were released along with Mt. Shiveer.
So, it is very likely that this cave was designed to be a animal base for the seals!

Sadly, this idea for animal bases was discontinued, likely because with the ratio of animals to lands we have now, each land would need to have several different bases. And since AJHQ seems to have a problem with releasing new lands, this pretty cool idea wouldn't work out. 
(This idea was later implemented into Play Wild!)

So if this cave isn't an animal base, what is it?
To understand this base, let's take a look at the adventure basecamp.


We have entrances to Water, Land, and Flying adventures.
Could the cave be an entrance to..

Underground Adventures!!

For burrowing animals in Animal Jam, such as otters, foxes, and bunnies.
The idea of new areas or lands for underground animals is actually pretty promising. 
Take the Crystal Sands to Mt. Shiveer caves.

There's no way a tropical warm beach leads straight to a cold icy mountain!
But do you know what is possible? A network of underground tunnels that lead through Jamaa and to each other. 

So what'd you think? Is it possible or am I just a jammer with too much time on her hands. xD
Leave your opinions down in the comment section. 


  1. Welcome back, Star! They do animal bases in Play Wild, right? Maybe there's a chance they could come back one day to normal AJ.

    This is slightly unrelated to the question, but I've always been kinda sad they removed the seal symbol on the cave and covered it up with a Masterpiece Party portal. It just looks... off. I wish they'd change it back. Same with the moose painting in the Canyons Pathway turning into a llama once llamas came out. The animals are already out, so why can't they change them back? :(

    1. Thanks Doomy. Yeah, there are quite a few. The Arctic Wolf one has a spiked table in the Arctic Wolf Base Shop. *cringes*

      I agree! The hamsters and Masterpiece Party Teleport look so out of place. ehhh. The seal really fits in there. Everyone use to to hop on the ice so they can "open the seal cave and get many many gems" It may have an enormous waste of time but I really enjoyed doing it. :(

  2. Yeah, there actually are a few animal bases on Play Wild. Welcome back!!

    1. Thank you! I still can't get over the Spiked Table in the Arctic Wolf one. heheh

  3. Nice to meet you Star! :D

    I didn't notice that seal one :o
    I hope AJHQ released Animal Bases, that would be amazing :o

    1. me too. :P Although, I'm not quite fond of the idea of spiked tables in AJ

  4. This is a great idea!
    The strange part is, I was thinking tunneling animal adventures for a while, too!
    Great minds think alike :3


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