Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Crystal Sands's Identity Crisis

Disclaimer: This post has been edited to protect the identities of people included

Don't visit these lands. And if you do, don't share photos or videos of these lands. This is concept art belonging to AJHQ. You could, might, and probably will face disciplinary action.
If have received permission from the original owners to keep their photos up.


This picture originally had credit to the owner. Their identity has been removed to protect their account.

This is Speedo Shores. How did I find it? Well, let's start with a user named *SlappyDoodle. She was in Crystal Sands when someone came by and said to buddy, then follow them. This person lead her to Speedo Shores, pictured above. I, then, buddied SlappyDoodle and went to Speedo Shores myself. 

Speedo Shores pretty much looks like a sketch of current Crystal Sands. I believe it was probably a map of what Crystal Sands would look like when finished or even a earlier, incomplete version of Crystal Sands. 

So, Speedo Sands is basically a cool incomplete version of all of Crystal Sands? Wow, neat! It looks like so much fun! Right?

Well.. after I explored the area a bit, this happened.. seems I have been suspended for a grand total of 1 day. 
After speaking to some others who visited the land, I figured out that the majority of visitors got suspended too.

So AJHQ just didn't want anyone running around an area that wasn't meant to be used. Completely understandable. 

This picture originally had credit to the owner. Their identity has been removed to protect their account.

*SillyWillyDaffodilly visited a different land called Sandy Shores.
This is Sandy Shores. I personally have not been in there, but SillyWillyDaffodilly has visited it. She reached this land by following her own buddy. 

Another layer of Crystal Sands!?! Wow! Crystal Sands is definitely going through a identity crisis.

SillyWillyDaffodilly states that she was able to leave Sandy Shores without a suspension. 

Credit to the Animal Jam Archives!

Here's a version of the current Crystal Sands, if you'd like to compare the other 2 maps. 

So what's the moral of the story? Maybe it's stick to the original design?

Or maybe it's even giant corporate companies make mistakes?
Or maybe it's Ice Cream tastes good. :)

What? I just had a really good bowl of vanilla ice cream. 

So which version of Crystal Sands do you prefer? I think I like the original design. It just looks more organic and to quote my sister who is currently standing over my shoulder, being a nuisance, "It looks like actual animals live here instead of weirdly advanced animal humans that could take over the world,"

Personally, I find it really cool that AJHQ has so many different layers to the lands they make. Working with layers in art programs can be really hard. It really must have been hard adding so many little details onto everything. 

Welp. That's it. 


*Names have been changed to protect identities 


  1. Oh My Gosh!!!! That's so crazy! Was being suspended worth it?

    1. For me, I think so. I didn't have any pressing matters to attend to or anything so it pretty much worked out. :p And the suspension is only a day. The land itself is pretty worth it if you like looking at different art styles and such. There isn't much more then just a map though. You can't go inside the buildings. c:

    2. Do not, under any condition, take photos or videos, though.

  2. WHOOOAAA!!!! Thanks for the post, I had no idea about this! They look like rough drafts of the post-beta Crystal Sands, before Tierney's Aquarium of course. I can see some unused art and features.

    1. No problem! I'm sorry I couldn't post any earlier. My cousins were visiting and I've never met them before so it was really important I made a good impression to me. I swear, I had about 3 minutes of free time during their whole visit. xD They do, don't they? I think the different art styles are really cool. ^*^ I love comparing the different aspects.

  3. When I first saw these two land drafts I thought they looked like 2 discount off-brand Crystal Sands XD

    1. xD A knockoff version of Animal Jam would be really interesting to explore though!

  4. How do you get there?

    1. As far as I know, you have to follow someone already there.

  5. Awesome post! I thought you got banned not suspended, thats good to know! (Now i might try to go there on a storage XDD) This post was awesome :D

    1. Tank you. c: i did hear that because of so many people going to the lands, AJHQ is having a hard time suspending all of them.. so it might work out for you!
      although, the only way to get in is to follow someone there. after research, i figured out that there was an original hacker that actually brought groups of people over and had them invite others. the hacker has been banned so you might have some trouble.


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