Monday, August 21, 2017

Jamaa Eclipse Secrets?

Heyyo Jammers! Happy day of the solar eclipse (in the USA, that is)!

Aside from a pretty banner, it seems nothing much is different in Jamaa from the last few eclipse-y days... or is there?

"(Graham) also has noted that he has been detecting some subtle changes in Jamaa, but the source of these changes, or what these may mean, is still a mystery."

If you're not aware, this is from an official AJHQ Instagram post around the first day of the eclipse celebration. 

Since then, I've looked all over Jamaa and aside from the Zios statue, I can't find any subtle changes.

Maybe these changes are more subtle than I thought... maybe just a few plants changed! I'm in the process of making land maps of the eclipsed lands, so after they're done I can compare them with normal AJ.

Is anyone in North America gonna try and see the eclipse for themselves? I'm gonna try, but because I don't have protective eyewear I'm just gonna look around the ground and see everything go dark like in Jamaa.

Sometimes other animals get confused and go to sleep early when the sky goes dark. It actually makes sense when you think about it, because the first time they see an eclipse might be the only time they do, depending on their lifespan and whether or not they travel a lot.

Another thing on AJHQ's Instagram page is this featured eclipse "fan art" by dustyfablesaj:

Just wanted to share it because I love it a lot and it inspires me. ^____^


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  1. That picture is awesome! Maybe the subtle changes will eventually be announced?


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