Buddy of the Month

Here you'll find everyone who's been featured as Buddy of the Month as well as a couple breaks of Den of the Month. To be a monthly featured buddy, you have to be on my buddy list.

April 2016 – lostfairy

February 2016 – veterinariann

November 2015 – veterinariann

September 2015 – tastetherainbow123

August 2015 – furryfruit73

July 2015 – 113457

May 2015 – bigcatsfoever:

March 2015 – peoples234:

February 2015 – Ladybug4173:

January 2015 – candylady1436:

December 2014 – MagicWitch906:

November 2014 – jhana:

October 2014 – crunchyfunnybear:

September 2014 – Balaur:

August 2014 – asdfmovie33:

July 2014 – coolsalmon:

May 2014 – Gogreen16:

Den of the Month January 2014 – coolsalmon's den:

August 2013 – prettyprinccess:

April 2013 – luckylittlekoalacat:

March 2013 – Gringersnap:

February 2013 – furryfruit73:

January 2013 – Dramione1234:

December 2012 – Emmanuel777:

November 2012 – Rollen:

October 2012 – catlover25:

September 2012 – Animal0012:

August 2012 – Citruswolf:

July 2012 – ElephantWolf:


  1. You rock doomy!!! :D please buddy me!!

    1. how do I comment without replying? sorry if I spelled wrong. wow! there hasn't been any comments in a while!

    2. PLZ BUDDY ME DOOMY! UR SO AWESOME! also being botm sounds fun 2. I AM POSHFOOT

    3. The Aparri SwagFanJune 3, 2017 at 3:30 AM

      plz buddy me doom my user is blueberry813

  2. Wow it looks even better then before/ ^.^

  3. Hey Doomypanda, since I'm your buddy next month is when I go to school. So if you can be nice, can you PLEASE put me on the monthly featured buddy on August? That would really make me happy. Thanks

    Ur friend,
    Gogreen16 =)

    1. Wow, Congrats ElephantWolf


    2. Tanks!
      _Happy Kookyelephant_

  4. Wow congrats everyone who made it on this board! You must be super awesome! :D


    1. I might not be super awesome, but I'll try XD

  5. Wow. I never noticed thus page until now! Well, great job Animal and everyone else who made it! You guys are awesome!
    P.S.- Got any zucchini?

    1. Yep! *gives zucchini* Go crazy, it's free!

  6. This is great! ^_^ *shares reeses cup with tiggerkat while watches movie* REALLY COOL!


  7. Hey doomy!!!!
    I made a blog!!! its called luckysanimaljamjournel.blogspot.com

  8. Replies
    1. Really? Hey, add me sometime!

  9. Hey Doomy C: Thanks for making me BOTM (buddy of the month).

  10. Replies
    1. Hey, Doomy! Would it be possible you add Princessfunshine to BUDDY OF THE MONTH? She's the most caring, thoughtful, and generous person. She always sends me stuff, talks to me. She'd do that to anyone!

  11. Congrats Animal0012!!!!!!
    Thats so awesome that your the buddy of the month!
    I still havent gotten an answer yet from either of you (unbuddied) please tell me why through JamAGrams or on this blog please. D;
    From, Nscs

  12. can i be buddy of the month i am nice on jamaa plz plz i am lolofuzzyears

  13. check out my den please its a classroom.

    my username is: paw789789

  14. Can you please buddy me and check out my den? My den is a classroom! My username is Chip163

  15. k guys if you want some free stuff well just comment in below and congrats to gringersnap i can't be live shes your buddy!!!

  16. hi doomy plz come to my den i am icelavaa
    ur biggest fan,Scarlet

  17. ok plz come to see my den its locked right now but i will unlock it on friday its not really great its a meeting house for dawn huntresses for girls who wanna stop bullying! im icelavaa look my up online to i have alot of stuff!!

  18. Doomy your awezome! :D

  19. i wish i could play this game i dont know how derp

  20. When is there gonna be another BOTM?

    1. Before the end of November. I've just been a little busy- sorry about all the delays!

    2. OK, thanks! :)

  21. Doomy Later Today I Might Get On Animal Jam... And I Was Wondering If I Could Buddy You Or Could Buddy Me....? :3

  22. Hey Doomy! Its me here, Flowerpaaw... Can we be buddies? Oh, and hey, I might not get that too much though but I can be a a fun aj nm buddy! I only have my buddies, the closest or just close :D And we can be best buddies! :)


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