Friday, January 24, 2014

Confirmed: Eagles are Flying into Jamaa! (Long post)

Hey animals, TGIF! What are your plans for the weekend? :) 

I've found some news confirming my suspicions about the new animals. Credit for this image goes to the Animal Jam Sky Blog...

How did I not notice that! :O

I've noticed a pattern in new animals. Remember the release of the eagle hat? Remember the fox hat? Remember the raccoon hat? All of those came just before the animals themselves became available. (eagles, foxes, raccoons) This isn't consistent with all animals, however, but it is something to take notice of. Who knows, maybe there will be emus soon! (emu egg, outback imports)

In other news, today I went to AJ Outfitters and found they remodeled the page! 

Cute, right? I love the border and the banner! :D

Speaking of remodeling, I kind of miss the old AJ home pages. I liked the Appondale elephant homepage and... I can't even remember any other than that. :\ 

One homepage. Kind of boring. The homepage is past due for a makeover, don't you think?

I don't think I already told you this, but I wrote an email to AJHQ a while ago and got a reply today. I was confused about how the donation box in the conservation museum benefitted the big cats initiative. Here is AJHQ's response:

(Click image to read clearly.)

I thought that the conservation museum was a little like Coins for Change on club penguin, where the virtual coin donations were like votes, and people running it split a portion of money determined by those votes. The ways that AJ is involved with the big cats initiative were listed in the email, but the donation box wasn't mentioned. Which means that gem donations don't help bring money to the big cats initiative? 

I'm not sure, and actually I think the opposite. Chances are it is like Coins for Change on Clubpenguin, AJHQ just isn't explaining so to not seem like they're saying "we'll only donate if you do," if that makes sense. (I don't think I worded that right) 

Why else would they have a donation box which says "donate gems to help protect big cats"?

Conclusion: In some way, shape, or form, donating gems to the conservation museum does help preserve real life big cats.

That's all for now, Jammers,

don't stop donating!

~Countess Rainyflower

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