Saturday, March 29, 2014


Hey animals! From the header, yes, there is a new nonmember item in stores today! That store it is sold in is the April Fools party shop, and the item is... 

A cheese hat?

This doesn't really look like a hat. Just a chunk of cheese. Cheese for your head? Head cheese? 0_0

Nonmember Den Tricks – Serene Springtime Yard

So far on the poll on AJ Stream's sidebar, one of the most requested posting subject was "Nonmember Den/Clothing Tricks," and since I haven't done a den trick post in a long time, I decided to do one today! I'm planning to do one every Saturday.

Feel free to use this idea without credit!

Since spring is quickly thawing Jamaa, the air is warming and making the outside more welcoming. This is an outdoor set for hanging out with buddies in the warm dew dropped grass! ^^

  1. Teacups – Jam Mart Furniture 50 gems each
  2. Green bowl – Jam Mart Furniture 250 gems
  3. Hammock – Meet Cosmo free
  4. Lit palm tree – No longer available
  5. Starfish – Tierney's Touch Table free
  6. Sturdy Table – free
Total cost: 350 gems

What did you think of it? Comment below your opinion! :)

See you in Jamaa,

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