Sunday, March 23, 2014

Nonmember Outfit Ideas – Happy Springtime!

After a long, chilly winter, springtime is finally here in Jamaa! Flowers are blooming and the ladybugs have returned to the township. 

Spring is all about a colorful awakening after months of grey. The grey of winter skies can get to us, so when the flowers bloom, you can even feel the color as well as feel your spring allergies creeping up on you! X)

I recently cleaned up the items around my account, and by cleaning up I mean recycling pretty much everything. I do this once things I don't want pile up in my inventory. I send my few rares to good friends and recycle everything else. It's almost like making a new account without all of the hassle and explanations!

For these nonmember outfit ideas, I don't use many items, and the items I do use are inexpensive, non colored, and nonmember. What REALLY makes your animal special is colors! And since Springtime is all about colors, what better way to start than to change up your animal's coloring a bit?

Feel free to use any of these on your wolves, horses, rhinos, or any other animal without credit. ^_^

I even made up cutesy names for each of them. X)

"April showers bring May flowers"



"Dewdrop grass"

"Golden lilac"

"Lotus blossom"


"Sunny blue sky"

What's your favorite? ^^

Jam on!


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