Thursday, March 20, 2014

Quick Update!

Hey animals! During this biweekly update, the lucky party decorations have been swept from Jamaa, bringing a small– but fun –update.

Jamaa Journal

Update Summary

Just a simple four paged Jamaa Journal. More attention is drawn to pandas becoming (temporarily?) endangered, which from what I'm seeing isn't raising much concern among others. Anyway, banners are set up around Jamaa with quick facts about endangered animals for you to learn. I dare you to find all of them! ;)

The new adventure, The Search for Greely is out for all members of Animal Jam. Did Greely survive the volcanic eruption of phantom evil? Only you can find out!

With March drawing to a hopefully green and flowering close, the April Fools party is next in line for Jamaa Celebrations. Prepare for new items, upside down castles, and loads of fun!


Just some quick news about the blog...

  • I'm sorry I skipped this months Den of the Month. I was only getting one entry per month, so I assumed people just weren't interested. Buddy of the Month will resume in April.
  • Berry the Koala updates once a month! You can read the latest entry from the left side bar.

Oh, I almost forgot! Happy first day of spring! It's been cold, so I'm happy that at least in Jamaa it can be warm and sunny. ^^

Have a sunny, green weekend! 


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