Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Carnival is Back in Jamaa!

Hey animals! The update is here, setting Jamaa abuzz with new items, Jam a Grams, and animals galore!

I've been having an extreme obsession with koalas lately.

I'll skip showing the Jamaa Journal this update, but don't worry! Instead, I'm going to talk about every new thing mentioned, so you get the bigger picture. Now onward, to the news!

Ah, the carnival. Just the way it was last summer, including all of the items it accumulated! If you're new to the carnival, I suggest you look at this post: Guide to the Summer Carnival for Newbies

Gogreen16 modeling her hyena in green, red, and white.

The hyena has trotted into Jamaa with their bold grin in tow! Soon hyena friends, hyena parties, and just overall hyenas will be seen everywhere you look! 

Fun fact: Hyenas are not actually wild dogs, but are closer to felines. (Cats!)

New in the Diamond shop along with hyenas are new nonmember den portals! They can be a tad weird color-wise if you're trying to buy them, though...

I don't know if this is a multicolor item that changes, but if it's not... then it's certainly annoying. It's something nonmember, however, which we should all celebrate!

*Gasp* Or maybe... it's a way for nonmembers to change item colors!

Now for some minor news and changes that also follow along with this update:

1. The Cruise Ship Party has voyaged back to Jamaa just in time for June. I didn't even notice it was gone!

2. Den portals are now sold in Jam Mart Furniture for easier access.

3. Spirit armor is returning to the Diamond Shop. I miss when there were still monthly gifts...

4. Big sale in Bahari!

5. $1 for AJ Jump on the App Store!

6. There are new photographic Jam a Grams for every single animal!

GIF from Animal Jam Spirit

Now everyone can find their favorite animal!

Thats all for now,
see you in jamaa!

~ Doomy


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  2. Well what do you know? It's meh XD!!


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