Monday, June 30, 2014

Ties of Freedom

Hey animals! How has your summer been going, to those northern hemisphere jammers? And to the southern hemisphere people, how's life for you going in general?

The new item is sold in Jam Mart furniture.

Freedom Tie

Location: Jam Mart Furniture

Availability: Everyone (two nonmem items in a row! Go AJHQ! :))

Likelihood of rising in demand: 6/10

Items it can be paired with: Freedom fox hat

Sorry for the short post! See you in Jamaa!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

An Animal Jam!

Hey jammers! I'm baaaaack! Why do we call people who play animal jam "jammers," anyway? The game has nothing to do with jam!

Jam is actually a kind of old term for "party" or something like that. Animal Jam is basically an animal party! An animal jam! :)

Now onto the new item, a freedom fox hat!

Freedom Fox Hat

Location: The Freedom Party

Price reasonability: 2/5

Availability status: Everyone

Likelihood to rise in demand: 6/10

I've decided to do what I just did above with all new items. I think it will give a more in depth look at them that could be helpful after they discontinue during trading. Speaking of trading, the Glitches page and the Rarity page have been updated! Go check 'em out! :D

New on the Daily Explorer, an AJ Academy post from Graham, the monkey alpha.

Go to AJ Academy to learn more about finger soccer, a fun and tiny tabletop game!

That's all for now, Animal Jammers,
see you in Jamaa!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Shoot Some Hoops!

Hey jammers! The new item today kind of shies away from the whole world-cup theme, but is still not completely unrelated. 

I present to you, the interactive basketball hoop!

Seems fun, huh? Click the basketball and BAM! You got a point. But if clicking the basketball is all you need to do, is it really a game as much as a way of passing time? Since there's no real skill involved... what does that make you?

Gettin' really deep here, so I'd better stop. XD

This probably signifies that the beta basketball will be rereleased tomorrow, or at least soon.

And tomorrow is the update! But sadly, I will not be there to inform you of all of the wonderful and exciting things that have come out. Alas, I am going away tomorrow, far from my dear computer... 

Until saturday. :(

Until then, enjoy this kitten:

That's all for now,
see you in Jamaa!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Eight-Legged Piano

Hey jammers! School is FINALLY over for me, while all y'all were already released weeks ago. It's sad to think that instead of three months, summer vacation is only two. -_-

But at least we (on the Northern Hemisphere of Earth) have some summer vacation, huh?

The new item of today is sold in Jam Mart Furniture.

I'm guessing that this is an interactive item that you can sort of play!

A new Brady Barr video has been uploaded, and this time it's all about... spiders. >:) 

If Brady Barr didn't make interesting animal videos, truth be told we would all think he's just some creepy old dude. Yep.

Fun Fact: Daddy Long-legs are not actually spiders, or arachnids for that matter!

Next up, a Nonmember Clothing Idea!

With the introduction of some new colors, one of them that made it's debut into the palette was a very yummy banana color!
Since I don't have many cool clothing items, this just consists of the banana color, light brown eyes, and a creamy colored moon necklace, which coincidently is leaving Jam Mart Clothing today! 

That's all for now,
let's wish for a jamtastic summer!

AJS News: Contest Called Off

Hey animals! This is just a quick notice before I do the real post of today. 

The drawing contest has been called off, for the fact that literally no one entered. 

I don't think I should do anything akin to a drawing contest anymore, because what I usually get are people saying they're really excited but never entering anyway.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Let's Fly a Kite!

Hey Jammers! I'm sorry for that long pause in posting. I wanted to post, but the internet wasn't steady and by the time I did finish a post, my internet would fail me. <(-_-)>

But I'm back! And as far as I know, the internet connection is fine!

But what really made me happy was how well you all took it! I still got around 9 comments a day, and according to the blog stats, you looked around a WHOLE LOT at old posts. I was sure you would all stop reading all together and I'd need to actually "advertise" my blog in Jamaa Township, which is a pretty attention-thirsty thing to do and rarely works out.

I'm not that concerned with views – oh, that's a complete lie. I LOVE getting lots of views. It makes me feel validated. Who doesn't love to know that people are reading the stuff you write and liking it? 

Anyway, the new item!

It's the first official day of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, as well as my mother's birthday! Happy Birthday, mama! :D

Sometimes when I was young, there was a HUGE field that I used to fly kites with my little brother. I don't really see the fun in kite flying anymore, but thats coming from someone who hasn't flown a kite in years. ^_^

So to celebrate the first day of summer, why don't you get your lazy butt off of your computer and go outside?

Now, here are a few quick notices for this month:

  1. 113457, my drawing of your koala will be up soon. Maybe not today, but it's definitely coming by next week. Scanner's still broken.
  2. June's monthly Berry The Koala entry will be posted up soon. Follow a blue koala plushie on his adventures!
  3. June's Buddy of the Month will be posted shortly this week.
  4. Another mini contest of the week will be posted!
That's all for now, Jammers,
See you in Jamaa!

Thursday, June 19, 2014


Internet problems, can't post for a few days!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Rumors and Fedoras

Hey jammers! Recently there has been rumor circulating around that otters will be the next new animal. Many jammers have ben experiencing a glitch where a new animal slot will say "otter."

To be honest, I'm pretty sure AJHQ lets these glitches slip by to make us excited. But really, because of the frequency, no one is really excited about new animals anymore. There is a new animal almost every month! It's making AJ dull and predictable...

On another note, the RIM of this week is a Rare Fedora, the mark of a jerk.

Pro tip: Anyone who wears a fedora is probably a jerk. Avoid them at all costs.

Next up, Jamaa Street fashion!

Also, a note to 113457: I'm going to post your contest prize up soon. The scanner is broken so I'll have to wait a day or two.

Thats all for now,
see you in Jamaa!

Sunday, June 15, 2014


Hey jammers! It's just an ordinary day, not much news aside from a Daily Explorer post and an item...

...but this is no ordinary item! 

Yes, gazelle horns have returned to the shops. You can either be really happy about them or really angry, there is no in between.

Here are a few important notices before I conclude this short post:

1. A new Berry the Koala entry will be posted soon.

2. AJ user 113457 won last weekly contest, so the watercolor of your main animal will be posted shortly.

That's all for now,
Jam on!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Slender Flashmob!

Hey animals! Since I already made two big posts last night and there isn't much news today, I've decided this post will be about the antics a few giraffes were causing when I went online last night. 

So I walked into Jamaa...

...And a bunch of giraffes were making a slender man flashmob!

I'm the brown and green koala, of course.

I don't really care much for things involving Slenderman, but this was pretty fun. I realized just how much I'm missing by rarely going on AJ. XD

After the wild party got a lot less wild, I went to Sarepia and...

I'm pretty sure you can tell what's wrong with this picture.

Also, another one of those weird movie download sites claimed another deleted blog. Rest in pieces, Animal Jam Sizzle! TT_TT

On another note, I'm remodeling my den.

I have a question. I've been debating on whether or not to buy a new membership again. I like the simplicity of being a nonmember, but I'm not too happy about having had to delete my wolf to get this koala. :(

What do you think? Answer in the comments!

~ Doomy

Friday, June 13, 2014

Bubble Trouble Walkthrough!


Hey animals! I've just finished playing Bubble Trouble, and let me tell you it was pretty anticlimactic. But you know what? It was fun all the same. It (ever so slightly) made awareness of pollution, and at the end it's discovered there's an entire factory of phantoms in the depths of the ocean! 
That's sure to bring about a great new adventure next time!

Since I'm a nonmember and my two land animals are pretty special, my brother let me use his account to play this adventure. In exchange, he keeps the gems and the prize. I can live with that. ^_^

The main creatures in this adventures were dolphins, who were out for a swim when all of a sudden, phantoms began polluting their home. Lots of dolphins... maybe there was a type of underwater dolphin community?

Fun fact: Octopuses exhibit very human-like traits. They are observed having homes and "yards," which they love to decorate with empty (or if they don't look hard enough, occupied) seashells, pretty stones, and sometimes pretty starfish. Cute, right? ^_^

Liza greets you perched atop a rock (doesn't wanna get her fur wet :P) and the first thing you should do is probably go around the top to listen to the local dolphins before starting on your real adventure.

And here you discover a floating rock that can't fit into one big picture. Reminds me of the floating treetop art error once the giraffes came out. Back when new animals were few and far between...

The dolphins will tell you about the pollution valves and how to close them. Why can't they close them themselves if all you need to do is swirl around the valve? Maybe they got hurt and the doctor told them not to move around that much. Better respect their decisions.

Talking to one dolphin a little deeper with long eyelashes will kick off your adventure. It's simple: find the valve, pick it up, find the pollution device, attach it, and seal it off!

...Watch out for phantoms, though. As long as you're able to locate a nearby aquatic chomped plant, you'll be fine! They look like clams on sticks that can hang upside-down. 

You'll also know a treasure chest when you see one. They look like big fat oysters with latches on them and hold from 100 to 200 gems depending on how far along you are. There's also a secret area for dolphins only with a treasure chest! This round I got a pair of unrare goggles. Don't be too sad, nonmembers!

If you go a little deeper, there will be two underwater passages. Don't worry about which one to take, they both go to the same place. Here is where you will find the three dolphins trapped. Find the keys, the valves, and seal off the devices!

This dolphin's name is Klaus. Because of his name and his strange fashion sense I thought he was a jerk. I'm judgmental of things like that. I was going to leave him last until...

Okay! Sorry, Klaus!

*Shrugs* I guess he's nice. He did tell me to be careful. Sorry!

 Tip: Go where there are phantoms. They'll lead you to the keys.

After you free all of your new dolphin friends, they'll help you through the phantom escape hatch through a brief ghost tour of the phantom factory. Don't touch the phantom coral!

At the end, you meet up with Liza. As a prize, she gives you one of the objects involved in the adventure, like phantom coral.

Go through the green portal to make it back to the underwater base camp, greeted by the adventurous music and busy and excited seals.

Happy adventuring! :)

~ DoomyPanda

Important Info For Bloggers

Hey jammers! Something kind of weird happened to me today involving Blogger (it's relevant, I swear) that kind of freaked me out that I think you (especially if you use Blogger) would like to know about.

Before I get to that, here's the new item!

As you can see, it's a Pro soccer ball that only professionals can use. How can you tell the difference between a soccer ball and a pro soccer ball, you may ask? Easy! The puppy paw prints on a pro soccer ball have an official air to them. Only the best, most professional soccer balls for soccer professionals.

If you're playing soccer, and someone brings out their puppy paw printed ball, you might as well run for the hills because that person means business.

This soccer ball was brought out in honor of the World Cup, which is being held in Brazil. But what REALLY aggravates me is that for the longest time the USA hasn't helped Brazil out of any of their problems but now they're pouring thousands of dollars into them just for the world cup, all the while not batting an eye or at least stopping to think about helping the people there out of poverty with that money. -_-

Okay, depressing rant over. Fun fact: Soccer is called "football" in most parts of the world, or at least a variation of the word football, like in Spanish, soccer is "fútbol" and in Greek, soccer is "podósfairo" with "podó" meaning "foot." 
Interesting how language borrows from others!

And now for what I talked about earlier in the post. 

When I got home this afternoon, I checked my Blogger dashboard account like always for new comments. If you have a Blogger account, you probably know already that the dashboard shows most recent posts from blogs you follow.

So I checked the posts, and there were a bunch of random ones from some low quality movie download blog that I didn't remember following. I thought someone had been on my account until I checked the URL. It was the URL of an Animal Jam blog! 

That Animal Jam blog had been deleted a long while ago, which means once you delete your blog, the URL is up for grabs to people who could very likely want to pretend to be you. Just a warning!

That's all for now, Jammers,
see you in Jamaa!

~ Doomy

(Animal Jam user DoomyPanda)

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Treasures for You!

Hey jammers! I hope you're sitting down... because you'll probably keel over in happiness once you hear about this update!

*ahem* not really. Just added that for *emphasis*

Instead of waiting any longer, let's get to that Jamaa Journal!

More colors, more adventures, more armor, and more contests! Just like the one AJ Stream is having, there's a drawing contest from AJHQ! Design the next new item for a chance to win. Good luck! ;)

You don't know how excited I am that there are more colors! Actually, if you've been with this blog for this long you probably know how much I love colors. Even if you didn't know, it's some pointless trivia now! X)

More Daily Item prizes, too! This update is just all about more. But sadly, there's also a new endangered animal: the lion. There haven't been many lions in Jamaa lately, and I'd even say they'd be down there with rhinos in unpopularity. When was the last time I saw a rhino? 2012?
To be honest, I never really liked it when animals that you had to pay for like lions and snow leopards made it to the diamond shop. In all honesty, I don't really like the diamond shop at all!
I don't wanna jump on the "rare" bandwagon, but the diamond shop brought back a lot of items I'd like to stay back and popular in trading. It's kind of slowly demobilizing trading, a key factor in Jamaa. I don't know. :\

The bubble trouble adventure looks REALLY fun. An underwater adventure for everyone? Yes! There's a lot of new fun to be had with this update!

On a different note, I have some treasures here, just for you!

Your first treasure is a guide to the elusive Forgotten Desert purple crystals!

Of course I didn't make it myself. Don't have the patience. X)
The original was made by ILoveGlitter359. Just a little gift from them to the internet! :)

Your second treasure is a sneak preview of Animal Jam: Mobile Edition!

Of course again it's source is not me! I don't care enough about mobile games. XD It's the Animal Jam Community. There's a link to their blog on my sidebar!

And yes, there is a third treasure. You look through the box, and what do you see? A Cami's Frog, as clear as can be!

Don't get too excited! Why would you think I'd have enough frogs for everyone? This instead is some knowledge that you'll be happy to know: this frog is an adventure prize, not just for show! (I CANT STOP RHYMING HELP)
For which adventure, you may ask? The Forgotten Desert, remembered at last!

Next is a clothing idea which to understand takes compassion (NO SERIOUSLY HELP ME I CANT STOP RHYMING THIS DOESNT MAKE SENSE) a new type of clothing idea: street fashion!

*deep breath* Okay. I think I'm done with those hideous rhymes. Well, enjoy the new update to it's fullest!

Have fun in Jamaa!

~ Doomy

(animal jam user DoomyPanda)

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

You Okay, Liza?

Hey jammers!

The new item today is sold in Jam Mart Furniture, and is a great edition to the den of someone who prefers a more natural-ish look to a modern one.

Here it is, the Liza Tiki!

Really creatively made! It changed around the shape of her body and it doesn't look like she's pretty happy about it. Look at that uncomfortable smile. You okay, Liza?

On a side note, it's random screenshot time! On days where there isn't much to post I'm going to post a random screenshot from my "animal jam" folder.

"meow! meow meow meow?"
"meow meow, meow. meow?"

Thats all for now,
be sure to check out my new drawing contest!

~ Doomy
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