Thursday, June 12, 2014

Treasures for You!

Hey jammers! I hope you're sitting down... because you'll probably keel over in happiness once you hear about this update!

*ahem* not really. Just added that for *emphasis*

Instead of waiting any longer, let's get to that Jamaa Journal!

More colors, more adventures, more armor, and more contests! Just like the one AJ Stream is having, there's a drawing contest from AJHQ! Design the next new item for a chance to win. Good luck! ;)

You don't know how excited I am that there are more colors! Actually, if you've been with this blog for this long you probably know how much I love colors. Even if you didn't know, it's some pointless trivia now! X)

More Daily Item prizes, too! This update is just all about more. But sadly, there's also a new endangered animal: the lion. There haven't been many lions in Jamaa lately, and I'd even say they'd be down there with rhinos in unpopularity. When was the last time I saw a rhino? 2012?
To be honest, I never really liked it when animals that you had to pay for like lions and snow leopards made it to the diamond shop. In all honesty, I don't really like the diamond shop at all!
I don't wanna jump on the "rare" bandwagon, but the diamond shop brought back a lot of items I'd like to stay back and popular in trading. It's kind of slowly demobilizing trading, a key factor in Jamaa. I don't know. :\

The bubble trouble adventure looks REALLY fun. An underwater adventure for everyone? Yes! There's a lot of new fun to be had with this update!

On a different note, I have some treasures here, just for you!

Your first treasure is a guide to the elusive Forgotten Desert purple crystals!

Of course I didn't make it myself. Don't have the patience. X)
The original was made by ILoveGlitter359. Just a little gift from them to the internet! :)

Your second treasure is a sneak preview of Animal Jam: Mobile Edition!

Of course again it's source is not me! I don't care enough about mobile games. XD It's the Animal Jam Community. There's a link to their blog on my sidebar!

And yes, there is a third treasure. You look through the box, and what do you see? A Cami's Frog, as clear as can be!

Don't get too excited! Why would you think I'd have enough frogs for everyone? This instead is some knowledge that you'll be happy to know: this frog is an adventure prize, not just for show! (I CANT STOP RHYMING HELP)
For which adventure, you may ask? The Forgotten Desert, remembered at last!

Next is a clothing idea which to understand takes compassion (NO SERIOUSLY HELP ME I CANT STOP RHYMING THIS DOESNT MAKE SENSE) a new type of clothing idea: street fashion!

*deep breath* Okay. I think I'm done with those hideous rhymes. Well, enjoy the new update to it's fullest!

Have fun in Jamaa!

~ Doomy

(animal jam user DoomyPanda)

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