Sunday, July 27, 2014

Beta Party Screenshots + More!

Hey animals! I was just at the Beta Party with my friend and before I tell you anything else, I didn't really expect it to not have music. I know, realistically the beta den had no music, but it's supposed to be a party, right?

Regardless, it is pretty cute. It's just like the beta den! There are lots of photographs on the wall as well...

Strange... who was that wolf up there? Hmm... I'd enjoy to see what you came up with in the comments.

Everything has that beloved dusty, natural look to it that was so common in the beta period. Lots of almost-items, too! Maybe a few of the framed pictures will be released in stores.

Ooh, speaking of which, I have an idea for a new item: a camera that you can take screenshots with, and a frame where you can put them up in your den! I wouldn't put it past AJ to think of something like that.

Jam on!


  1. I think the wolf is Greely's sibling. o3o

  2. Maybe that wolf is an animal version of the founder/creator of Animal Jam. OH MY GOODNESS THAT WOULD BE COOL IF I WAS RIGHT. Anyways, awesome update (as usual)!


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