Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Butterfly Balloon Hat :)

Hey jammers! Not much news for today, but something's come up for AJ Stream thanks to your votes on the poll! 

But before we get to that, here's the new item.

I can expect you already know where this item is, and that it isn't going to be very popular. It's in the summer carnival and in my opinion WAY too expensive. :\


Now, I would use the next section of this post to talk about the new leaked screenshots of the otter, but to be honest I'm really sick of all of the new animals coming out one by one week by week. I really wish I could ignore it but with all of these rapid changed theres really no time to enjoy any of them while they're still special.

It kind of seems I'm the only one on the Animal Jam Blogosphere that has really voiced this opinion, but when asked a lot of people seem to agree. I think I should send an email to AJ, and maybe throw something in there asking why they keep putting out Rare Items and hoping to "make new ones" with new items or RIMs.


On a slightly lighter note, I think every time I feel like it (once or twice a week) I'll fish through my Animal Jam screenshot folder and try to find something old-ish that you might like.

This is from a while back, when I was still a member. It was when my news crew article won! I remember being so happy. :)


Your votes on the poll so far look like 10 to 1, with the majority being in for a virtual AJ party and/or gathering. I'll wait until the poll has been closed to make any finalizations about the date and location.

Pretty much every single party I've had on AJ was almost empty, aside from my first one way back when penguins were announced to be for everyone.

Until then, you can change your vote, comment about maybe what you'd like to do at this online blog gathering.

See you in Jamaa, everyone!

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  1. Lol somehow the title of the Earth Day page reminds me of "someone" o3o


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