Thursday, July 17, 2014

Instability in Posting Schedule!

Hey animals! Sorry for not posting yesterday, and I'm sad to say that at least until next monday there will be more post-less days. It's not really something I can control, there are people who right now because of a problem need my computer more than me. 

I may get the Blogger app (if there is one) and update mobile-y for the time being. 

But for now, let's relax, and continue running the ant farm of life uninterrupted. Speaking of ant farms...
Yes, the new item today is an ant farm! Have you noticed I disabled image borders? I can post transparent images now, like this one! I think it's a more aesthetically pleasing item report, is it not?

New AJ Blogger resources post coming up soon, along with download instructions for the Animal Jam font!

Also, have you noticed I'm getting REALLY close to 60,000 page views? Because I have! A big thanks to everyone for supporting me to now! :)

Jam on, Streamers!

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