Friday, July 11, 2014

Jamaa Insiders Guide Soon to be Released!

Hey jammers! Are you excited for the weekend? You can show that your excitement and spirit are both as sparkly and amazing as a diamond!

...But don't get too excited! Diamonds are so worthless, you can literally make them with peanut butter! True story, all you need is carbon. But why are they still seen as so rare? It's because one group – De Beers – has dominated the diamond industry for years, and has stockpiled so many, as well as being the reason diamond rings are given as marriage proposals in America.

It's all a trick to make you buy them! Weird, right? Which brings us to the new item...

 Diamond Crown

Availability – members only

Likelihood to become popular – 4.8/10

Likelihood to become rare once gone – 3/10

Comment – Whats getting kind of sad is that there probably won't be any new items that grow up to be as rare as others. I think I'll email AJHQ and ask why.

And for what probably tops as the best news of the day, the insiders guide is coming out soon!

I knew you forgot all about it! Well in about eleven days you sure won't.

That's all for now,
I hope to see you all in Jamaa!


  1. Hrm... I wonder if Jamaa lore stuff will be explained in the guidebook.

  2. I remember hearing about that book, I should look for it at WalMart next time my parents go there. I actually don't think this book is a really good idea, except for the basics. AJHQ is constantly updating their website, so how do they make a non-updatable book? It's like the Poptropica Handbook all over again.


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