Friday, July 18, 2014

Skullies are Coming Back... or are they?

Hey Jammers! There is certainly a boat load of news today; the maximum adventure level (which is level 30), some added helpful/annoying features, and rumors of the possible return of a legendary item from beta, unheard of in Jamaa until today...

But first, the new item!
The feather boa is currently now being sold in Jam Mart Furniture for members only. This look like an interesting item? Go get it!


If you make an account, you may feel a little confused, even after Liza's instruction. No need to fear, even after you're done with the tutorial, Liza is still here! 

Image credit to Snowyclaw, author of Animal Jam Spirit.
Much like all "helpful" features in AJ, this one gets a little annoying to the newbies who are very clear in the instruction.

It seems like Liza is becoming less of a "legendary animal" and more of a guide. But that IS her job, anyway, so why complain?


Throughout Jamaa history, there have always been players who are obsessed with items. But it was only after the trading system was invented that items really did start becoming a type of currency in Jamaa. This for that, that for this...

But what do you trade for an item so rare that it doesn't even exist?

Of course you know I'm talking about skullies, and yes, skullies did exist, but were banned shortly after their release in the beta period and ALL were deleted...

Except perhaps a few. Several Jammers were spotted showing off a few skullies on their trade lists. Now how could have some Jammers gotten ahold of an item that was said to be eradicated long before either of them started playing?
Think about it. What is one way to get a rare item that hasn't been released yet?

Hacking, or more commonly, through the adventures.

And normally, what happens with an item once it's first seen through the adventures? It's released in the shop.

That being said, it may be hacking as well. All of those usernames look pretty similar. Two are ten characters and one is nine characters, all consisting of a word and a series of random numbers. These may as well all be the same people.

To summarize, skullies have a chance of coming back, but at the same time they don't.

So let's cross our fingers (or paws, claws, etc.) and wait until next rare item monday!


That's all for now,
see you in Jamaa Township!


  1. Wow, Skullies coming back?! WHOA! This is kahrayzeeeeeeeee! I can;t wait to see these Jammers' Trade Lists! I really hate it how the person has to be logged on for you to view their trade list, though... And none of these Jammers are on. :(

  2. yes you are right about skullies on trade lists but here is the REAL story of skullies : a long time ago in the age of the betas there was 2 hackers so bad.. that he hacked skullies into the game! the hackers names? fman and colorfulghost. but they were caught trying to hack in something else and skullies were deleted. fman stopped playing animal jam for a while but colorful ghost found his way to fame by making it so he could be awlways changing colors but he was caught...again his account was deleted but fman came back! he is going on animal jam in this year 2014! keep your eyes peeled for him he is a wolf named awesome sunnybrave

    1. I'm not so sure that is the real story.... I'm pretty sure that when pandas played the skullies looked inappropriate, so as you can imagine, AJ got many calls about this......


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