Thursday, November 6, 2014

Castle in the Sky

Hey Jammers! Today is update day-- but this is no ordinary, four-paged update. Well, yeah, it's four pages, but it's in no way ordinary!

Update summary:

• The new Sky Castle den is being sold in... The Diamond Shop. *sobs*

• Pet lions are also being sold in the Diamond Shop, along with some other pets I had no idea existed... I need to start paying more attention to pet news.

• As a form of consolation for all this members only stuff, a new all-Jammer Autumnal adventure has been added to the base camp! Click things like these to play. :)

• And finally, a new hair salon den item series is now being sold in Jam Mart Furniture... with the worst item being nonmember.

I bet all these items are somehow interactive, so have fun! I love how AJHQ is making it easier to create the popular themed dens. Also, I love the wig with the pink bow. :D

In other news, the clouds have cleared from Jamaa.

It was honestly so dramatic going into the Township and seeing it in all it's brightness. You can't see it, but there's also a pumpkin by Jammer Central!

The digital leaves have resumed their bright reds, and the Feast of Thanks festival is soon to come up. I'm kind of liking that they don't call it "Thanksgiving" because I've never been a fan of that holiday.

Fun Fact: While all the food on Thanksgiving is nice, the so-called "first Thanksgiving" was a short lived thing and the colonists had similar feasts later every time a native village was destroyed by them. If you want sources, I'll be happy to give them. The more you know.

Well, by posting so long I've successfully made myself late. Have a great day, Jammers!

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