Saturday, November 22, 2014

Chamber of Knowledge Redesign + Glitches

Hey Jammers! I'm back to my regular posting schedule. My projects have mostly been turned in, but I've caught a sore throat yesterday and it's very painful to speak. It's lucky that I don't have to speak to blog, right? 

This post will be very lengthy and PACKED to the BRIM with cool info, including glitches and item features. I think I may even need to set up a table of contents just to set some order around it.

1. Jamaa Journal overview
2. Chamber of Knowledge renovations and glitch
3. New items
4. Item features, AKA what the magazine table does
5. Weird Jam a Grams

This update is a few days late, but I'm posting it anyway because it may be helpful to some of you. Lots of new stuff!

Polar bears are finally here! And by here, I mean available in the diamond shop for far too many diamonds. They're exactly how they looked in the leak. Their default colors are just white, not lavender and salmon. AJHQ changed their colors to go with the border design of Jamaa Journal which is exactly what I would do. xD

I love it when rare items come out again except recolored. It keeps the old ones nice and rare while giving new players the chance to get a dream item. Not that gloves are anyone's dream item anymore, but they're still considered a BIT rare, right? And FYI, these are NOT the only colors they come in. There's a pretty light brown and green one as well that I can't afford yet because I blew all my gems away on member den items.

I wonder where the other mini books will go when another new animal comes out. Maybe in the basement?

AJHQ is already talking about the Jamaalidays when the Feast of Thanks has barely even started. Thanks.

What kind of disturbs me is that we, as polar bears, can have pets of our own species. Same with rhinos, giraffes, and soon pandas. I guess having a "pet" of your own species is useful for roleplaying, but there's nothing else beyond that.

And now I'll go deeper into the changes happening to the lowest floor of Chamber of Knowledge. Surprisingly, I love them a lot!

The new changes really blend in with the old layout. They aren't too bright or flashy and they have just the right amount of dusty old mystery with a dash of cute. Plus, more candles you can light!

Some changes have also been added to the far recesses of the first floor, such as a fish and elephant sculpture. And look at the polar bear section! It's too adorable.

Seashells, otter sculptures– so cute!

If we're gonna keep making mini books, we may need to start taking advantage of the basement. But what lies beneath the Chamber of Knowledge?

The Chamber of Knowledge has always been my favorite room, but AJHQ seriously needs to fix this glitch. It feels like it was always here, but only increased around now. Honestly...

Next up, we have a load of new items, including a bunch I missed.

All of those fruits in baskets are member, sadly. The cornucopia kind of covers them all, but it's a bit small, don't you think?

Next up, we have an answer to my question about the newspaper.

Thanks, Coolsalmon!

When I logged on recently, I noticed something strange. My oldest Jam a Gram was #1 while my newest was #2.

It's just kind of irritating and strange.

That's all for now, Jammers,
I look forward to answering your questions and updating my pages!

– Doomy


  1. I know how you feel. I've caught a terrible fever and it's driving me insane. I hope you feel better. :)

  2. What reaaaally gets on my nerves is that the default for the vegetable basket has tomatoes in it...
    And it's kinda common knowledge now that tomatoes are FRUITS. Eyugh I dunno, this just really rubs me the wrong way that sciency people would do that.

    Plus, do you think you could get pictures of all the different glove colors, or maybe make a gif out of it? I really want to know all the colors if ever I ask for one from a member. :3

    ~113457, Creature Spiritchamp

  3. That letter "glitch" is really annoying. All of my letters sent by AJHQ appear FIRST, so whenever someone sends me a letter, I have to backtrack about 7 letters to find the new letter. (Oh hey, I just realised that it has been fixed, yeh)
    And tomatoes



    Thanks for the long post, I agree with the thingy about the basement! I heard there were heartstones locked inside. ~jhana


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