Saturday, November 15, 2014

Nonmember Ideas + Mysterious Floating Paper

Hey Jammers! I don't know what's been up with me for so long. There's a lot I need to do on this blog (update Berry the Koala, BOTM, etc...) that I haven't been getting to. I promised myself I would update everything at LEAST around the middle of the month, but agh... I've been so careless. I think I need to just sort some things out this weekend and THEN everything will be freshly updated.

Anyway, the new item of today is sold in Jam Mart Clothing, for a change.

I don't have much to say about this turkey hat. It's a recurring seasonal item, it's nonmember, and comes in a lot of pretty colors. But perhaps I do have something to say about it: it looks really cool on monkeys.

The next segment of this post will be nonmember clothing ideas. They can be used by any animal, member or nonmember, but they all look best on monkeys. I will include a back-view for some of them because parts may be hidden. 

These are all very simple, including only two or three items at a time, many that can be acquired in the shops. Only one includes a nonmember sword, available in Sky High. 

Feel free to use any!


"Dark Butterfly"

"Turkey Princess"

"Turkey Princess" View #2

"Mint Chocolate" Back view

"Mint Chocolate" Front view

"Assassin" Front view

"Assassin" Back view

"Orange Bat"

"Autumn Leaves"

And I'll leave you with one final mystery. While I went online to screenshot these, I saw what appeared to be a newspaper or a stack of papers floating next to a wolf.

I have ZERO idea where they're from. I ran over to ask Eternal Quietwolf where they were from, but they left Sarepia very quickly. 

Do any of you know where these are from?


  1. Those outfits are great! I especially love how the turkey hat looks like a headdress almost, haha =)

  2. The newspaper is from the salon magazine table. You can click whichever magazine that you want floating near you, there are also 3 newspapers to choose from. I especially love the autumn leaves outfit.

  3. I think Mint Chocolate is my favorite of the clothing ideas, along with Assassin! Good job Doomy :3
    ~Creature Spiritchamp, 113457


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