Monday, January 5, 2015

14 Nonmember Clothing Ideas and Tips

Hey Jammers! It snowed a couple nights ago but it's all either melted or turned into ice by now... Kind of sad, it's winter in a fairly cool place and there's NO snow!? But it's still mega cold out. I just walked from school back home and wow... It feels like I've kind of morphed into a cold blooded animal, it's so frigid I can barely move.

Sold on the sixth page in the Jam Mart Clothing catalog :)
FUN FACT: Cold blooded reptiles are different from warm blooded mammals and birds in the way that the temperatures of the environment fully affect cold blooded animals' bodies– they don't have a regular body temperature. Mammals bodies keep themselves warm and DO have a regular body temperature, but if a lizard is out in the snow for too long, they lose energy fast and can't move! Reptiles need environmental heat to survive, that's why cold regions are filled with mammals and tropical regions are home to many types of snakes and lizards.

And now that I'm done with that boring educational ramble (AJ is kind of educational, so why shouldn't this blog contain a little of that?) and now onto the part you really want: nonmember clothing ideas!!!

Before I get to the actual screenshots, I want to share a few tips/ideas first. This isn't meant to be a "ooh change your animal's color scheme its hideous." type of thing. This. Is. A. Kids game. It's just supposed to be a little lighthearted fun! These "tips" aren't really tips at all but ideas– just for you!

So without further derailment, here are some ideas...

• Build your animal's outfit off of a favorite item. This is good if you're having trouble making an outfit for your animal. Use a color scheme and other items that match with the "base item." And if you like the base item, there's a chance you'll like the whole outfit, too. :)

Try to use colors on the color palette that are normally overlooked with other colors that look nice together. The outfits I've arranged (pictured below this) are mostly pink, but use many of the variations of pink on the palette, like these shades:

This shade is kind of dusty and cinnamon-ish, but not unpleasant. It's very warm, unlike the more commonly used shade below it.

This is like a lighter version of the above color. Its warm as well and softer on the eye than colder shades of pink.

Use pattern and eye shapes that are ignored, too. Star patterns and leaf patterns look differently depending on the animal, and in a a panda's case for example, stars are simple and pretty while leaf patterns the same colors as Color 2 make the panda look a little angry. You'll see what I mean.

And now, the actual outfits! Keep in mind that I like to make up annoying names for each one, so brace yourselves for a tidal wave of stupidness.

Feel free to use any one!

"Strawberry Ice Cream Unicorn"

"Countess of the Gingerbread Kingdom"

"Fiery Personality"


"Warm v.2"

"Midnight Plum Fairy"

"Midnight Plum"

"Rainy Afternoon"

"Cold Blooded"

"Fairy Swamp"

"Warrior Princess"

"Golden Bird"

"Golden Bird v.2"

"Spices and Herbs"

Which one was your favorite?

See you in Jamaa!

– DoomyPanda


  1. Rainy afternoon and midnight plum fairy where nice. :3

  2. I like the outfits:
    "Strawberry Ice Cream Unicorn"
    "Warm v.2"
    "Midnight Plum Fairy"
    "Rainy Afternoon"
    and "Golden Bird v.2"

    Such simple and nice outfits! ^.^


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