Sunday, January 18, 2015

How to get Great Trades!

Hey Jammers! I think I'm going to do another one of these posts that focus solely on one thing instead of a big jumble of information along with the daily item. So today's post will focus on how to get the items you want through trading– no scamming!

So here we go:

Step 1: Before you go out into a populated room, make a list of what items you really want. Be specific! If you don't know what items you want at all, you can go to a place like the AJ Wiki which has an extensive item archive.

Step 2: Build up a strong trade list. Pile all your rarest items into your list but definitely leave out the items that you love. That will save you many an internally conflicting trade.

Step 3: Coat your animal with all the rare items you can. This is to attract people. This involves changing up your animal's own personal outfit– maybe even switch up the coloring and patterns to match with the items. Matching is important, because it draws the eye. Example:

I change from this...

To this...

You could also wear some popular "rare person" items, like nerd glasses. The bottom picture is my "trading outfit." I don't personally like it at ALL because it isn't me, but it does work in attracting people to my trade list. 

Step 4: Get into Aldan. Even if the "Oops! This world is full!" notice shows up, keep clicking the Aldan button as fast as you can. Someone's bound to leave eventually! Aldan used to be known as the trading server– as well as the choice server of many popular AJ bloggers, and even after many quit, Aldan still remains the fullest world. Full of "rare people," at that. You have quadruple the chance of getting the items on Aldan than any other server! But if you can't get into Aldan after like 5 minutes, try Tigris.

Step 5: Ok, now you're in Aldan. The great thing about Aldan is that you don't have to get into Jamaa Township! The best place to be is actually in the Temple of Zios– almost even more so than Jamaa Township! The reason for this is that Sarepia is filled with clans, Jamaa Township is too full to really dedicate yourself to getting in, Coral Canyons is too boring for many, and most people are redirected to Zios. Zios has many little "pockets" and it's a wider space than other rooms, so there's the illusion that it's flooded with people.

Step 6: Look at that wishlist you wrote up again. Whats the item on there that you want most? Call out something like "If you have a spiked collar say panda!!" Your codeword should be something that someone with restricted chat should be able to say. 

Step 7: To avoid unknowingly accepting unfair trades, research each item you are offered that you're not familiar with. It's quicker than you think– just Google search "animal jam wiki [insert item here]" The Animal Jam wiki has a page on literally every item seen on AJ with information about how rare it is. The top result should be the page on your item! And a quick note: don't waste your time with items classified as unreleased. That means they will come out soon, and once they do, you'll regret all that trading you did for them.

And if you don't have the time, just use this basic rule of thumb: if the item has "beta" in it's name, it's not from beta testing. The beta party from last year spurred a ton of scamming! The items look beta, they say beta, but they were just from 2014 and are rereleased every summer.

That's all for now, Jammers,
see you in Jamaa!

– DoomyPanda

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